Feelings is Our Biggest Weapon

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life is a pitch and many of us we dont understand why life is such a pain but the truth is life is not a pain, what makes life a pain is your feelings. in the gospel jesus talked about man being born again and many Christian dont understand what does being born again means. let me break down for them, being born again it means being able to process your feelings in a positive way. when you are facing advsersity, when you are facing your enemy, when you are walking in the sahdow of the valley of death, how do you feel on that predicamnet and if you are controlled by your feelings you can steer yourself out of the problems instead feelings will drive you to act in the spur of the moment. in the Our feelings makes our reality. how do you feel when you are facing adversity? who do you feel when you are facing an embarassing situation. There is nothing like a traumatic event, what makes it that way is your feeling. If man can manage to process their feeling to a bay of peace in the time of adversity, he will be a conquerer. He will conquer his marriage, finacial problems, morbid fears. The biggest secret to conquer in life is our feelings. our feelings can let us down. our feelings can kill us. More that 50 percent of deseases are caused by negative feelings. Depression, fears, anxiety, obssession, infatuation, fanaticism, craving for drugs all these are forms of feelings. if we want to be winners in life we must know how to process our feeling. And how can we deal with our negative feelings, we must take a deep breathe when you are feeling bad and try to think about things that makes you happy. when we are facing adversity we must find something engrossing like a good movie or reading a good book so that it will disrupt all your attention on your negative feelings into what you are reading about. our feelings are not part of our human soul but they are outside forces instigated by thoughts suggestions which are always influenced by the 5 senses and knowledge.


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