A Trustworthy Form of Media

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     A study done by Angus Reid shows that in Canada and the United states 44% of young adults, ages 18 to 34 trust print media as well as the same percent of adults of all ages. The survey was taken by 2,018 people in March 2010.

     One of the reasons the newspaper has remained one of the most trusted media sources is due to the journalists’ Code of Ethics. Journalists’ are accountable to their readers, listeners, viewers, and each other ( Bedford & St. Martins,  ,  p.  444). Journalists have a strong desire to provide balance in their articles and balance to them means, providing information from all sides without showing favoritism.

     Journalists are also required to do specific stories. Journalism is not the same as TV news. If a TV crew is on the scene to do an interview that is delayed or must be canceled, the reporter may cover another story while they are on the scene instead. This shows that journalists, unlike reporters, are not willing to settle for anything less than what they came for ultimately proving that they are concerned with informing the people with important topics rather than entertaining their audience.

     In addition, journalism is the only media enterprise that democracy ultimately requires, and is the only media practice that is specifically mentioned and protected by the United States Constitution. This is an impressive accomplishment in itself.

     Another reason the newspaper media remains one of the most trusted sources is due to the editors. The editors are there to ensure that the journalists’ information is accurate and reliable. The editors are also required to answer for their mistakes, so are more likely to take the time to search for error and make the appropriate corrections and adjustments.

     Although no form of media is flawless, most people find it easier to trust in one that is obligated to be honest with them. Today, the media tends to focus more on entertainment than it does on news, and with the Internet there are a lot of unreliable sources out there. Where else should one turn to receive reliable information, if not the newspaper that has been keeping us informed for centuries


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