Jack Fruit Sweet Dessert

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The following is a festival as well as a seasonal recipe.The jackfruit which is used for payasam must be ripe and

sweet. The following recipe serves payasam for five people.

Required Ingredients:

Jackfruit one big cup, jaggery one and a half cup, scraped coconut one table spoon,coconut milk two cups, poppy

seeds one table spoon, rice two table spoon, cashewnuts five, almonds five, cardamom two.

Method of Preparation:

First soak rice, cashewnuts, badam and poppy seeds in a bowl with little water for about one hour. After that grind the

above mixture with scraped coconut and cardamom into a fine paste. Cut the jackfruit into small pieces. Take water in

a pan and heat it. When the water starts boiling add the jackfruit pieces and cook it for  about five minutes so that the 

jackfruit pieces becomes tender. Drain the excess water from the jackfruit.

                     In a vessel take jaggery and add a little water and heat it. when the jaggery melts, filter the liquid and

allow it boil. Add the baked jackfruit pieces to the jaggery. At the same time add the paste of poppy seeds and stir it 

continuously. When the mixture starts boiling add coconut milk . When the mixture comes to the boiling point put off

the flame. So the payasam is ready. It can be served warm or can be chilled and served. People who does’nt like

much sweet can lessen the amount of jaggery.

              For jackfruit lovers, it is said that the best time to have jackfruit is before the intake of food, so that it will

digest easily. Jack fruit is a good source of vitamin B and said to contain cancer fighting elements. Poppy seeds are

good source of calcium and phosphorus and acts as a coolant. Poppy seeds, since a source of  opium can be

treated for sleeplessness.Poppy seeds when grind and mixed with milk and consumed gives a good sleep .Coconut is

called as a functional food as it serves as  a medicine for various diseases.Coconut milk is found to have anti

microbial activities and is usedin healing ulcers.  Not only these coconut milk is also found to have positive effects on

cardiovascular system.The above recipe is not only good for tongue but for health also.


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