How to Know Whether a Girl Likes You?

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Unlike men, whose tongues hang out when they are in love, women are much smarter in camouflaging their emotions. They derive joy in keeping the other person guessing and smart girlds would hardly ever make the mistake of proposing from their end. They will only act magnanimous to accept a proposal so that the boy will feel honored in the uneven bargain!

God has not endowed most of the boys with the basic instincts and the keenness of observation to grasp the signs a girl liking the boy who is interested in her. So, let is try to educate the idiots!

1)  Not talking too freely with you

The girl will be quite casual and free when talking to some of your friends but not to you.  She may display a shade more respectability and formality towards you but if you are smart, you can notice that she is deeply observing you, eying you more intently when you are not looking at her. If you establish eye contact with her when she is looking intently at you, she will hastily divert her attention elsewhere.

2)  Laughing to your jokes that others ignore

In a gathering, if a joke you cracked fails to impress others, the girl will be the lonely person to laugh and seemingly enjoy it.

3)  Over expressiveness in talking when you are alone

If you and the girl happen to be alone, the movement of her eyes, her smile, giggles, her accent, her limb movements – everything will have an accentuation, an extra layer of dramatic expressiveness,  more than what you normally see in her in a gathering.

4) Trying to gather more information about you

A girl interested in you will try to learn more about you through more indirect and less direct ways.  She may pose veiled and indirect queries to common friends to gather bits and pieces of information about your place, your family, your interests etc.

5)  Dressing up to impress

Girls generally dress to impress other girls too, but if you are smart enough you will find that her dressing and make up seem to improve particularly after your acquaintance with you. You will see that she is observing you to make sure whether you are observing her!

6) Blushing at compliments

Whether it is her looks in the new dress or her accomplishment in something (however insignificant it may be) if you compliment her for it, she will blush and feel very happy about it.

7)   Keen in listening to you

Even the most dull headed males know very well that women listen to men only during premarital period. So, no elaboration needed here!

 8)  Writing your name

If the girl writes your name in a piece of paper for no specific reason, know that she is interested in you.

9)  Responsiveness in chat

If you are on-line, your girl is also on-line and if you send a “Hi” message, pat will come the reply. If she is not interested in you, you will find her closing the mail and running away!

10)  Wishing you on your birthday

If the subject of your birthday has not come up in any recent discussions with her and if you happen to receive a birthday greeting from her, know that she is interested in you.

    A boy has to pull out his antennas in full and look smartly for all possible signals to learn whether a girl really likes him. Unless the signals are clear and strong, a boy should not end up making a proposal prematurely and end up face down on the ground.


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