David Barton Gym Review

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I have recently paid a visit to a very cool gym located on West twenty third street and seventh avenue. It is called the David Barton gym. The knobs on the front door are metallic sculls and there is a staircase leading you up to the front desk. The lights are set to low in this gym. It is a rather cooling and calming effect. It is just dark enough for me to get lost there. The gym is spacious and clean. There are many treadmills and elliptical machines lined up on the first floor. The gym has three floors all together. The first floor contains cardio machines, weights, and the membership sales offices. I have never been to the basement, but the third floor has locker rooms, bathrooms, and one large yoga room. 

The restrooms are luxurious and very clean. There is moisturizer, soap, towels, tampons, and tissues. The locker room is very large as well. You will always find a place for your belongings. Since the membership in this gym is very expensive, you do not have to worry too much about having your belongings stolen. Most people who attend this gym are very well off financially. The best thing is that there is no time limit when you use the treadmills and the elliptical machines. These machines also come with a virtual trainer. You can select from a variety of workout routines. From cardio to fat burn to just plain aerobics, there are many choices available. Personally, I prefer to exercise on manual. In this way I can control my own intensity and speed. When you select a workout routine, sometimes the speed and intensity change very suddenly and can cause some injury to you if you are not in the best shape. 

The staff at the front desk is friendly. Somehow this gym prefers to hire young gay males. I guess the owner must be gay friendly. This gym does not harass you with nasty sales tactics and you do not need to buy anything or subscribe to anything if you do not want to. There is no lengthy sales lecture when you first enter the gym. Unlike Bally Total Fitness Gym, David Barton Gym simply maintains excellent standards of service and does not push their membership on you.


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