How to Avoid Getting Sore Throat Frequently

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Arrival of sore throat is the indication for catching cold; possibly flu or a fever may follow. How to avoid catching sore throat?

1) Avoid excessive talking, singing, screaming and shouting

A politician attending a spate of election meetings catches sore throat; a musician singing in many concerts within a short period catches sore throat. Loud and prolonged talking with many persons in friendly and family get-to-gathers (like parties, celebrations and other functions (where there is a loud music blaring at the back ground) can cause sore throat.

2) Avoid Extreme Climatic Changes

Walking in the rain, cold or snow without adequately protecting yourself can cause sore throat. Walking or traveling in open sun for long hours without adequate protection of head can cause sore throat.

If you drink chilled water or chilled soft drinks immediately after roaming in hot sun, it can cause sore throat.

3) Don’t reduce water intake

For people living in hot climate, water consumption must be more than adequate. If the body needs water and it is not replenished correctly, sore throat will result. While drinking chilled water or soft drinks immediately after roaming in hot sun is not desirable, drinking plenty of normal, un-chilled water is very much necessary, though chilled water will be more tempting to drink. In fact, you will find that while chilled water is too attractive to drink, it, in fact, does not quench thirst easily when compared to un-chilled water.

A simple indication of inadequate water consumption (which can lead to sore throat) is your urine output. If you urinate much less, your urine is dark yellow in color and if you feel irritation or burning sensation while urinating, it is an indication of inadequate water consumption.

4) Don’t mingle with those who have sore throat or cold

Of course, this is a widely given advice which is often too difficult to follow practically! Getting confined to air-conditioned rooms or cinema halls for long periods without exposure to fresh air may cause sore throat to some persons easily, on account of easy spreading of viruses in the confined ambiance.

5) Don’t get exposed to unfamiliar pollution

I remember during my early days of employment in an engineering industry, I used to get training at different shops in different periods. Each shop will have its unique ambiance with peculiar dusts, temperature and smells (of chemicals, coolants, oils, paints etc). Whenever I get transferred to a new department, where the ambiance is new and unfamiliar to me, I used to catch sore throat and cold. I would get stabilized to a machine shop where there will be cast iron dust and kerosene smell; then I will get transferred to foundry where there will be more of smoke and above normal ambient temperature due to heat from furnaces. I would immediately get sore throat in the foundry!

     Certain conditions which cause sore throat can be avoided by us but certain conditions can not be. We have to learn to adjust and live with the situations, taking precautions to ensure that sore throat does not get escalated to a fever.


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