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“A rewarding experience” they boast.  “We value your opinion” they pledge.  Market points available: 20.  Surveys completed/attempted: I’d say about 50.  Lord knows how I ended up with those 20 market points because I sure as hell didn’t earn them completing surveys.  I can’t even remember the amount of times I’ve clicked the “next” button, only to be welcomed with every survey-taker’s worst nightmare: the “thank you for your participation, but you don’t seem to fit our criteria” message.  Most of the time, these messages appear after I’ve already completed about half of the survey.  Sure, take all the research informationyou want, you don’t have to pay me. 

I didn’t sign up for these surveys expecting to hit the big money, but I did expect at the very least to be able to take some surveys!  Nowadays it seems the only surveys available to me are “qualifying” surveys, which are an attempt to match you with a proper survey.  “Sorry, we can’t find a survey, but here’s an entry to our daily sweepstakes!” Gee thanks.  It’s gotten to the point where I find myself fibbing.  I tell it what it wants to hear so I don’t get kicked out.  I know this goes against the entire premise of these surveys, but can I just finish one survey, please?

My advice to anyone looking to get involved with these paid surveys: shop around.  Make sure the website is a BBB accredited business with good reviews.  Be patient, but don’t let the company take advantage of you.  If they’re taking valuable information from you, make sure you get the money you deserve and don’t stand for them sneakily getting out of handing you the check you deserve.  It’s not worth the miniscule amount of money you’ll receive.   

I’m somewhat surprised with my lack of earnings, seeing as many people have recommended it (Global Test Market).  I’ve also joined Survey Savvy, which so far has proven to be a waste of time.  I think they’ve sent me about three surveys.  Maybe it really is that I just don’t fit the criteria.  Maybe it will get better with time, but until then, I’m still waiting for my opinion to be valued and for this “rewarding experience” to reward me.   


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