Cleanse Your Colon!

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Bowel cleansing preparations may be used to rid the intestines of fecal matter for upcoming medical procedure or for other health reasons such as built up toxins, diarrhea, bloating and gas. There are a number of ingredients one should look for such as fiber, antioxidants and probiotics in an effective bowel cleanser preparation.

Reasons for Bowel Cleansing

There are three basic reasons for starting a bowel cleansing regimen. Medical procedures such as colonoscopy require bowel cleansing to clear the colon of fecal matter so that the walls of the intestines may be examined for polyps, perforations and cancers. Others may wish to use a bowel cleansing preparation for digestive health reasons such as built up fecal material, constipation, diarrhea bloating gas, and yeast overgrowth. Still others believe that an effective bowel cleansing preparation will help rid their bodies of toxins and provide other benefits such as weight loss.

Medical Bowel Cleansers

Medical procedures such as colonoscopy will require the patient to stop eating several hours before a procedure and drink an oral electrolyte solution such as Golytely which acts to flush the intestines of all fecal matter by flooding the intestines with a salt type solution along with a laxative such as a suppository, enema or laxative. This type of bowel cleansing is not recommended for any use other than in preparation for a medical procedure and is only temporary.

Natural Bowel Cleansers

Those wishing to use a colon cleanser for health reasons will need to choose from a wide variety of available products which varied as to the length of time it takes to accomplish the goal. Some preparations claim to work in a day or so but the most effective products appear to be programs that work over several days up to two weeks for the entire program.

The main ingredients one should look for are: insoluble fiber such as psyllium husks, wild oats or flax seed hulls to push the fecal matter out and scrub the intestinal walls, antioxidant plant products such as berries or pomegranate to aid in regeneration and health of the digestive walls and probiotics such as Lactobacillus bacteria to replace healthy digestive bacteria and reduce Candida or yeast growth.

Proponents of natural bowel cleansing preparations believe that a quality colon cleanser can remove pounds of built up fecal matter and yeast that has multiplied in the digestive tract resulting in the unpleasant symptoms of diarrhea or constipation, bloating and gas.

Additional Steps

Bowel cleanser preparations used for natural health reasons may be repeated every three or four months to maintain a healthy bowel and prevent future digestive issues. In addition to using a bowel cleansing regimen, one should be sure to eat healthy food with plenty of fiber and antioxidants and drink adequate amounts of water along with practicing a moderate exercise routine to ensure colon health.



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