How TO Have A Healthy Love Relationship.

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In this 21st century law courts have seen more divorce papers more than ever before in history. Beak-ups have become a common thing in our societies. All of this could be avoided by simply following these ten simple steps I have explained below.  

  1. Listen.

Always give them your ears when they are expressing their views. Never interrupt while your lover is talking even if  he/she is saying things that contradict your personal beliefs or ethics. Wait for him/her to finish then express your views and opinions. In short you should have good communication skills.

  1. Be kind.

This one is self explanatory; one is not supposed to be harsh on the other. Be kind and light hearted. Don’t be a drama king/queen. In any situation use your common senses. Don’t scare your lover.

  1. Cheer your lover when he/ she is down.

Know that you are the pillar of support for your lover. So whenever he/she is down or life has thrown him/her lemons you are the one to make the lemonade for your lover. You are the one to make her laugh again and come back to her normal mood.

  1. Spend time together.

Although you may be busy from work or school. You should always have some “Extra-Loving time”. This is where you spend time together, having fun and most importantly knowing each other better.

  1. Complement and Reward them.

Whenever your lover does something good or he/she has achieved something good it would be good for you to complement him/her for it. Also rewards help a lot in building a successful relationship. i.e. if he/she has finished writing a project on time. You may take him/her out for dinner.

  1. Learn to appreciate them.

Now this is the point that many people never really use. You must appreciate your lover. We may not be the same, as in, in the manner that we do our daily activities but what I want say is that you should appreciate him/her in whatever he/she is doing. Don’t try and force your lover to do certain things only because you like them. He/she may not like them. Love them the way they are.

  1. In case of an argument, cool off and reason together

            Even in the most successful relationships, arguments are bound to happen. So if by any chance in your relationship an argument starts. Just cool off and when you think the two of you are in sound mind. Sit down and talk about it. I would highly recommend you apologize for it even if it was not your fault. It will show that you care more.It also frees both of you up so you won’t be tied down by hurt feelings.

  1. Share.

Sharing does not necessarily mean only the physical things, but also emotional things. Like I said earlier you are expected to be your lover’s pillar of strength and comfort. So if you have a problem or something exiting let your lover be aware of it.

  1. Be open.

Be free with your lover to the fullest. After all isn’t he/she is the special one you chose? So there is nothing to hide from them. Just let him/ her know most of what you have encountered during that day.

  1. Be honest

Although I have written this as my last point this should be your number one priority. This should be your core value in order for a successful relationship to occur. There would be no love when there is no honesty between you two. This means that when your feelings for him/her have died off, you should let your partner know.

There! You already have 10 good tips and practices you can use to keep your lover for life!. So start practicing them NOW. 


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