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Transformative Arts Programs – the tide is nigh

Just because the tide is out, does not mean there is any less water in the ocean.

A mentor of mine, Dorothy Divack has consistently been a lighthouse of truth for me by sharing this quote at times when I was feeling fearful, doubtful or disappointed in what was I was witnessing in my life. It is such a beautiful reminder of life and the creative cycle —a cyclical process like the tides and waves of the ocean….the universe ebbs and flows and we also ebb and flow.
As a creative entrepreneur wanting to see results, looking for signs that would acknowledge the great risk I have taken (and continue to take) to listen, follow my intuition and manifest my vision—I have come to rely on the practice of this wisdom. It is the foundation of trust and faith in any creation process and what holds us apart from realizing our full potential.
During these economic times of great transition (albeit ripe with opportunity) it is easy to think that our current perception is reality. When viewing our external reality from a place of fear–the mind tends to only see, and therefore create, doom and gloom circumstances. What we think about and focus our attention on usually manifests, a self-fulfilling prophecy.
So the next time you look out your window of your mind’s eye and see scarcity in your bank account or lack of love in any area of your life–remember life’s natural creative cycle and chose to focus on the positive, what you do have that you are grateful for and then focus your attention on that which you chose to create.
And just because the tide is out, the money ran out, the love is gone, the creativity blocked… does not mean that there is any less of this energy surrounding you, it is just changing in physical form in the natural, non-linear creative life cycle of creation and destruction. Yet we believe that what we see is reality, rather than an active & alive creative process at work within and around us— fueled by a force much larger than our small little minds. When we forget this universal truth we tend to get scared when we do not see immediate results, we contract and then want some control sabotaging our experience.
If we are able to remember that life is moving, evolving, flowing and expanding without the help of our small little minds, we might be able to surrender in the moment and open up to the infinite possibilities that are unfolding right before our very eyes, just waiting for us to say YES!— to stay open and be delighted in its creation.
Remember, the tide is nigh…the ocean is still full of water…only our limited viewpoint in a particular moment may be unable to see it in its entirety, as we are constantly evolving in a natural process of the creative life cycle.
The intuitive painting process supports us in connecting to that ebb & flow of the creative life cycle. This experiential class invites awareness and trust in the natural rhythm of the creative process so we are more empowered to see things from a place of abundance and clarity.
Where is your tide? Are you willing to trust the ebb and flow of the creative process in your life?


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