Local Google Traffic – The New Developments of Google

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Google is one of the largest companies in the world that have the most amounts of users because they provide good, relevant search results. The latest improvements are really fantastic! Find out how Chris Johnstone revealed its latest features.

Chris Johnstone, an online marketer who has been helping mortgage and real estate professionals for over 5 years has shared the new facets of online marketing that he discovered after being “slapped” by Google. He used to generate almost 100% of his traffic from Google Pay Per Click (PPC) ads.

At first, he was really confused and troubled why Google shut off his advertising accounts despite of the fact that he has reached an outstanding performance for his business as well as with those of his clients. But not until he realized the brighter side of discovering the new features offered by Google.

Previously, internet is mainly used for network of government computers but as what everyone knows now, it had turned out as one of the essential foundations of today’s society.

Did you know that for every 60 seconds that pass there is over 35 hours of video uploaded to the website YouTube?

Considering this information, you can conclude that customers are online in a massive way and have been noted as a significant breakthrough with everyone’s way of life. It has changed how our society gets information and the way that our customers do business forever. Search engines have altered the system that customers stumble on local business owners.

As what Google announced on October 25, 2010, a big changed was brought in the world of online marketing as reflected to their statement that goes like this, “Today, we’re announcing the availability of a new online advertising solution to help local businesses connect with potential customers in their area.”

Chris Johnstone and his enthusiasm to find out new solutions for his business encouraged him to spend time in researching and discovering the new changes within the world of online marketing. He was shocked with what he found out; the successful online marketing is now broken into 3 simple categories – local, mobile and social.

How do these categories differ and associate in establishing a remarkable online presence? Each category has a significant role to boost up your online marketing business and if you are greatly knowledgeable on how to deal with them, you’ll surely get desirable results.

Even though this massive online change can be an incredible business building tool for you, it can also destroy your credibility if it is not managed properly. What people say about your business is showing up on the front page of Google: Good and Bad.

So as you move forward with your online marketing this year make sure you remember to keep your marketing local, make it available on mobile, and spread the word using social.

Chris wants to help in making the absolute best out of this new online resource and for that reason he created a free step by step manual that will guide you through everything you need to know about these new pages and a video showing a social marketing method that you can use to positively build your online presence starting today!


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