The Adjustment Bureau

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David Norris, a young man with the vice of politics, is a candidate for the office of senator in the state of New York. Ahead of his opponent Jurassic, David points throughout his campaign on the freshness of his few years of a remarkable oratory skill. But a photo goliardic, published by the untimely release, compromise his victory, assuring the sympathy, however, the vote of confidence and Elise, a promising dancer, met by chance in the men’s room. Lost love and a kiss in time, David and Elise depart, to search for and gather along the streets and on buses in New York. That their love, however, is not written in the book of the President, a sort of deus ex machina that decides the fate of men. Elise was not foreseen in the existential journey of David and thus the guardians of destiny, President of the agents operating in a suit and Borsalino, will divert it, adjusting the pitch and ensuring a greater plan. Claiming free will, will challenge David orders over head shots and heart.
Fruit (probably) an acid well done, Philip K. Dick saw a spring in the Seventies Programmer planning our lives on earth. That direct experience of ‘ecstasy’ revealed ‘truth’, ie that men are the means by which it makes the design of the Great Puppeteer. From another experiment, this time of literary creation and in any case in line with the mystical was inspired Guardians of Destiny, the American short story author transposed on the screen by George Nolfi. Thriller sentimental, Guardians of Destiny combines powerful moments, tense emotion adrenaline, with sequences closed in on themselves to find the emotion and the realization of an Affair to Remember. While Matt Damon fights the shadowy antagonist that causes him to beat a path desired, the film raises the obsessions of Dick on the need to distinguish the subjective from the objective reality, the idea of ​​the plot as a plot hatched against the individual, the obsessive surveillance exercised by the apparatus of power. The original title (The Adjustment Bureau) anticipates that the step that leads the film, the accomodatura towards the desired outcome for the protagonist to be a presence or ‘chair’ higher. The entity has an arm that control officers armed with Borsalino scrupulous men move along predetermined lines without compromising the final outcome, without peer behind the door of a near future. But David Norris will not take part in the event program, proceed towards obstinate and contrary.
The guardians of destiny is yet another adaptation of Dick’s trying to read the contemporary world with a gaze that, from its mutual key issues (the crisis of the subject, the essential falsity of our perceptions, the presence of parallel realities, etc.) lack the ‘soul, unlike other works, influenced by his literary world without being direct transpositions (Memento, If Spotless Mind, eXistenZ). Without having the merits of aesthetic innovation, however, the romantic thriller with Nolfi (writer of The Bourne Ultimatum) finds its strength in character. So Guardians of Destiny is one of those movies that is worth seeing just because. Just because there’s Matt Damon, hunted down by Eastwood took his mask (Hereafter) and recovered its identity. Staying true to the concept that the character is action and shaking hands with the woman he loves, Matt Damon through the doors of a New York ‘liquid’ and marks the point: from actor to actor being done. So Nolfi revealing the matrix, reveals the star. A good star. Bravo seriously.


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