Michael Bay Says Yes to Spielberg And 3D

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Michael Bay, more than anywhere else. Or rather, everything and always too much. Immediately clean the field from fear and respect: the third chapter in the saga that confronts the good Autobots and Decepticons nasty is definitely better than the disaster number two, but worse than the first. The latter recovers the lighter and humorous soul, the desire for spectacular scenes combined with a solid plot and (fairly) simple, the taste for sequences “hormonal”. The problem is that then the movie forgets to pass an assembly and we are annihilated in front of 156 minutes that we invest and exhausted, even physically. Because, let’s face it, although this is a 3D non-superfluous-indeed, this technology is exhausting for the viewer. And after two hours and half the pleasure of seeing someone who has been known to use is certainly dominated by the inevitable headaches that captures even the most trained.
Shia LeBoeuf back and feel: the staid young buck who had crossed the revenge of the fallen leaves with the pouting face again the place to be “star-by-case” for more hours precarious in America are finding that the government will Obama gets a job even when the person gives you a medal for having saved the world a few times. The return of our anti-hero makes us almost forget the painful abandonment of Megan Fox, who also spent a little here is elegant greeting. “We did not like was bad,” say the two domestic Transformers Sam, just to say hello. Maybe, but certainly filled the big screen as he fails to make the blonde and very charismatic Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, in addition to being easier to pronounce.
Have fun with Transformers 3, especially at first, then looking forward to the end for the birth defects of the saga: the usual problem of war scenes in which friend and foe are indistinguishable, the vice of non-usual Bay have their limitations, the dialogues that do not hold the images, especially when talking about Optimus Prime is the pedantic, one that has been slaughtering the enemy with his rhetoric that with his talent fighter. Rather like the starting point, the entrance to a typical leg of the filmmaker, the story of its origins. After Watchmen and X-Men 3, Transformers 3 now also decided to take the road of Forrest Gump and reveal the “true” American history. After Nixon’s and Moore’s comic explanation of the Cuba crisis of cinefumetto of Marvel, this is the time of the landing on the moon. Blame the machines-robots, no ideal to push the star most romantic part of JFK and his associates, you had to understand who or what had precipitated the Sea of ​​Tranquility. A good excuse to rewrite history for a cameo by Buzz Aldrin and above all, of course, to quote Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. As we have said, a lot of stuff. Too much.


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