Local Google Traffic – The Social Aspects of Marketing

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Local and mobile components are really valuable however here’s the most critical marketing component comes in to play – social.

You will notice the last 3 features that Google built into your new website. A 5 start social rating on your business, coupons and the ability to share your site with friends.

90% of people “Have some degree of trust” in recommendations from people they know. (Source: The Neilson Company)

In traditional advertising it was all about letting people know how great you and your business are by advertising to them.

If you want to be incredibly successful in today’s marketing world you must understand how to let people know how great you and your business are by other people sharing it with them.

A past customer raving about your business is far more powerful than the most successful marketing campaign that you can put together.

People do business with people and they trust social, peer reviews.

That is why these new websites are the most powerful resource ever introduced to small business owners. They include social proof, ratings, reviews and testimonials!

However this new free website can be a double edged sword. I have already seen small mortgage brokers in the businesses that are being affected negatively by these pages.

If you and your business are being talked about online, this page will find the conversation and then post the comments on your page. It doesn’t stop their, the page will actually pull out the star rating and then post this information in the Search Results on your business.

Even though this massive online change can be an incredible business building tool for you, it can also destroy your credibility if it is not managed properly.
These sites are online whether you like it or not. What people say about your business is showing up on the front page of Google: Good and Bad.

So as you move forward with your online marketing this year make sure you remember to keep your marketing local, make it available on mobile, and spread the word using social.

I want to help in making the absolute best out of this new online resource. This is why I have created a free step by step manual that will guide you through everything you need to know about these new pages.

Moreover, I have made a video showing a social marketing method that you can use to positively build your online presence starting today!

You can download it for free by visiting CWJStone dot com. Take a look for the download button in the top right hand corner.

If you are looking for the most effective ways to navigate the online marketplace Chris Johnstone is available for public speaking engagements and corporate consulting. For more information just contact press@cwjstone.com or take time to visit LocalMortgageMarketing dot com.


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