The Al Qaeda Master Plan

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Osama Bin Laden’s death has brought the Al-Qaeda back to limelight. The last time Al-Qaeda got so much discussion was when the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001.

Al Qaeda is a relatively new organization. Osama Bin Laden came from Saudi Arabia to fight Jihad in Afghanistan. This was the time when the Soviets had invaded Afghanistan and had installed a communist government in Kabul.

To fight the invaders, the Afghans launched jihad against the Soviets. Not every afghan was a jihadi, but many joined to liberate their country. They were called the mujahideen.

The Soviets, being communists proved to be a problem for the Americans. After all, it was during the time of the Cold War. America had just lost badly in Vietnam and were routed. Communism had prevailed there. America had lost its first war and had failed.

They didn’t want the soviets to have another victory. So the Americans, with the help of the Pakistani ISI, helped the Mujahideen, sending in weapons, training, money and immunity. And this immunity was by turning a blind eye on the drug trade used by the mujahideen to fund their operations and also to various abuses which the mujahideen would commit, especially on women.

The clandestine deal worked and the Soviets took heavy losses. At the end of the day, the soviets backed out of Afghanistan and were on their way back to Russia.

Osama Bin Laden was one of the mujahids. Al-Qaeda was formed by him during that time. It is ironic to know that Osama Bin Laden once enjoyed American support.

Contrary to popular belief, Osama Bin Laden hates America for a more personal reason than a political reason. The Saudis rejected his offer to bring his army from Afghanistan to repel Iraqi invaders and instead called the Americans. As a result, he started denouncing the Americans and the ruling family in Saudi Arabia publicly. The Saudis revoked his citizenship and pressurized his family to disowning him. Angered by this, his focus was now the United States.

The strategy planned by Osama Bin Laden was a good one. The strategy began like this.

1. America will be lured to invade a Muslim country

The emphasis is on Muslim country. Al-Qaeda uses religion to justify their terrorist activities and they try to appeal to Muslim sentiment. They misinterpret and quote from the Quran and appeal to people to fight against so called “infidels” and the “enemies of Islam”, which in this case is America. Al-Qaeda will attack America and America will be forced to act and invade the country.

2.  Stir up local sentiment against America

The Al-Qaeda would project them as invaders and the enemies of Islam. They would convince the locals that they were here not to just desecrate their land but also their religion. They will stir up local sentiment against America.

3. Bring neighbouring Muslim countries into the conflict with the Americans by repeating Step 1.

Again, Al-Qaeda will base themselves in a neighbouring Muslim country and try to carry out attacks against America. America will be forced to act again and invade another country.

4. Wear out the American economy and the American military

War is expensive. America will spend much of its money in trying to win the wars against them. This will amount to a big drain of resources arising from fighting too many wars in too many places.

5. Weaken the American state and reduce their standing in the world, thereby paving a ground to set up a worldwide Islamic state.

All the wars will reduce America’s standing in the world as America’s economic capability will have been affected severely. With them not being able to intervene, Al-Qaeda can conduct their operations successfully. And hopefully, they can establish an Islamic state.

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Looks like America is going in the wrong direction. The Iraq invasion shows that America made the wrong choice and played right into the hands of the terrorists and Al-Qaeda.

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