Why Aid Should be Cut Off to Pakistan at Once

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May 2nd 2011 marked one of the biggest milestones in the war against terrorism. Osama Bin Laden, one of the most feared terrorists in the world was killed in a US Navy seal operation in Abbotabad, Pakistan.

The war on terror was launched after 9/11, which has remained one of the most horrific terrorist incidents till date. It resulted in the deaths of almost 3000 people.

When the war on terror was launched, the United States of America called Pakistan a “Frontline state against terror”. This was a ploy in order to use Pakistan as a staging ground against Afghanistan and making the invasion of Afghanistan much more easier for the US. The ploy worked and America bought the loyalty of Pakistan.

For years after the invasion of Afghanistan, the US provided billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan. Sadly enough, the US not only provided immunity to Pakistan in the international arena as well as financial support, but also provided Pakistan with billions of dollars in Military aid.

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The military aid was given to the Pakistanis on pretext of fighting terrorism. That was absolute hogwash. The money that the Pakistanis got as financial aid was used to militarize the border between India and Pakistan. When terrorism thrived in the western part of the country, the money was used to militarize its eastern part.

The worst part was that America did not demand any form of accountability for the aid. It has been rumoured that most of the money went to the coffers of the generals in the Pakistani Army and the ISI. There is no End-Use Monitoring agreements for the hardware given to the Pakistani Armed Forces.

The United States should stop funding the Pakistanis and stop giving them aid. The aid is misused to fund more terror.

Pakistan’s ISI uses the funds to train and finance terrorists. If you scan the entire length of Pakistan, there are countless madrassahs. The madrassahs are where the Pakistani youth get their education. These madrassahs churn out new recruits for jihad everyday. The ISI keeps the fire of Jihad going. These terrorists go to Afghanistan and other places and wreck havoc and force the Americans to stay and continue to fight terrorists and force the Americans to give more money to the Pakistanis.

America’s money is being used against them. It is time they stopped.

Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. He was in a suburb of the Pakistani capital called Abbotabad. He was in the heartland of Pakistan. He wasn’t in the border, but right in the heartland. People speculated that he probably was in the border regions of Waziristan where terrorists enjoy large support.

But he wasn’t found there, he was found right in the heartland, just 30 miles away from the capital of Pakistan. It was impossible for him to stay there without Pakistani intelligence knowing. Moreover, Abbotabad was where the Pakistani Military Academy was and it was home to many retired Pakistani military officers.

The Pakistanis knew where he was. It is most likely that the Pakistanis were hosting him.

America must start raising questions for Pakistan. Why hasn’t the money been properly appropriated to fight terrorism? Why is the money going to the accounts of military generals and intelligence directors? Why is the money being used to militarize the IndoPak border?

The most important questions that needs to be asked are, what Pakistan is doing to fight terrorism? How many terrorists have been killed or captured? Why is there so much violence and chaos in Pakistan? Why is the Pakistan Taliban threatening the Government of Pakistan? How did the Pakistani Taliban emerge in the first place?

Isn’t it ironic that Pakistan receives so much money in order to fight terrorism and terrorism thrives in Pakistan? With such a huge budget, a lot could actually be done. Pakistan won’t do it. That is the truth.

For all these reasons, aid to Pakistan should be cut off at once. Once aid to Pakistan has been cut off, terrorism will face setbacks like no other.

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