Life’s Lessons Learnt From Counter Strike

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For those of you who don’t know what counter-strike is, counter strike is a very popular computer game which is played all over the world. It is a first-person shooter game where the player may choose to be either a terrorist or a counter terrorist. There are various scenarios where the Counter-Terrorists (CT’s) are pitted against the Terrorists (T’s). The player has to choose from a range of weapons and accessories and go ahead and finish off the opposing side. The team which kills everyone in the opposing team is the winner of the round.

Counter strike is a very fast game with each round finishing in less than 5 minutes. It is a very popular game especially amongst teenage boys all over the planet. It is very entertaining and thrilling and can be a really good stress reliever.

The game by itself is nothing great in terms of graphics or ideas or anything as such, but there is still something about the game that keeps people hooked to it for hours on end. The game however teaches you a few lessons which is very important in life.

1. Be Quick

In the game, the quicker you buy your weapons and get into the battle, the better your chances of taking the enemy by surprise. Whenever you spot the enemy, it is the quickness that determines who remains in the battlefield. Similarly, in life too, you should be extremely quick and you should be able to make decisions very fast. If you aren’t quick, your life could really be on the line.

2. Be accurate.

In counter-strike, there are weapons which really have a great punch and are deadly, for example the M249 Machine gun. But it is a gun which very few people actually take. Reason: The gun is absolutely bad when it comes to accuracy. In battle, you should be able to pin down your enemy. True, the damage done by a machine gun is much bigger than a carbine if hit, but it remains a big if. If you are accurate and if you have plenty of ammunition, you can take down the enemy much faster and much more effectively. In life too, accuracy of your goals is important. The more accurate you are in identifying and targeting problems, the easier it gets to solve them. You don’t take pot shots at your problems, you bring them down properly.

3. Do what suits you best

Every man, every player in counter strike is different. Everyone has their own capabilities, speeds and strengths. This is reflected especially in the guns chosen by the player. Every man varies in the choice of his weapon and his expertise in it. For example, my best gun remains the Heckler and Koch UMP45. For someone else, it could be a sniper rifle or a plain old M4 or an AK47. You should always choose the weapon at which you are at ease with and which you can handle at your own pace. If you let someone dictate which weapon you are to use, you stand to lose miserably. Similarly, in life, you should do what you know best and not what others tell you to do. If you are good at something, pursue it, do it and be the best in it. Do not let anyone tell you what you should be pursuing and how you should be pursuing it.

4. Always be well stocked

In counter strike, you have a chance before beginning the round to buy your weapons and stock up on ammunition. If you just buy your weapon and don’t stock on ammunition, you have signed your death warrant. You may be the best of the best, but the minute you run out of bullets, you are a sitting duck to even the most slow of players. Always be well stocked. In life too, never be caught unprepared and unready. Never give a chance to say that you failed because you did not have the logistics in place. Always be prepared to fight to the end.

5. Never hesitate

In counter strike, should you find yourself in a position where you are in front of your enemy, you have a choice to fight or die. The side which hesitates longer is the one that loses. Hesitation to fire and bring the enemy down results in your death. Sometimes, in life, there comes scenarios where you are given a choice to do something drastic which in itself if bad, but face bad consequences if not done. One should never hesitate in such situations. In fact, the less time you hesitate in carrying out the job, the less drastic will be its effects. So never hesitate to do something in order to carry out the objective.

6. Never whine about what you don’t have

In counter strike, there could be times when you don’t have enough money to buy your favourite weapons and accessories. Your whining isn’t going to give you any money to buy the weapons you want. You should make do with the weapons you have. You have a pistol by default. Try to bring the enemy down with the pistol. If you won’t be entirely be successful, it doesn’t matter. After a few rounds, you will automatically be able to save enough to buy the weapons you want. In life, your whining about things you don’t have is actually very counter-productive. When you whine, you have almost given up. Psychologically, you have already lost. Does that do you any good? Of course not. Instead of whining about what you don’t have, use whatever is there in your disposal and make the best of the situation.

7. Knowledge is power.

Perhaps this is the most applicable principle in Counter Strike. Knowledge indeed is power. If you know your weapon well, you can rout the enemy. If you know the enemy and his movements well, then it makes it even better. If you know the layout of the map and know secret places, you will dominate the battlefield. In life too, knowledge is power. You can use knowledge to your advantage and use it to your benefit. The whole concept of “Knowledge is power” is actually very self-explanatory. When you want to tackle problems, it is very important to know the problem in detail and what causes it. Similarly, you need knowledge in order to predict possible other problems and prepare for it and find solutions. With good knowledge you could even provide better solutions.

8. Practise is perfect.

This is another principle by which counter strike works. Practise actually does make perfect. In counter strike, you have to keep practising shooting either other players or bots. Sometimes, people keep the level of training as extremely tough so that it would be easy to win the game later on. The more practise a person has, the more ease he is at when playing the game and the more easier he plays it and wins it. Similarly, in life, you have to perfect your trade by practising it more often. If you don’t practise, you could lose your touch and you may not be able to stick to your level later on.

9. Stick to your buddies

In counter-strike, your team members are extremely important. With their help only you can destroy the other team and win the game. Counter strike is not a one-man show. Its pure teamwork. A much more cohesive and well-coordinated team has a better likelihood of winning. Life, just like counter-strike is not a one-man show. Teamwork is essential in order to be a winner. You should be extremely cohesive as a group and should have very good coordination. The better you do as a team, the better you will do as an individual.

10. Never give up

In counter-strike, giving up is being a loser. You have hundred points as health. People fight even if they have just one point left as health. If you give up, you will be killed by the opposing team anyway. You have to hold the line and fight till the last. At the same time, even if you die in another round, you’ll spawn in the next one and carry on the fight. Similarly, in life, never give up. You may be at the most unfavourable of circumstances, but hold on. Because it could be so that glory would come to you at that very moment itself. You should never give up just because you fell once. When you fall, it just means that you’ll spawn once more to try again and bring the problem down.

In fact, this is one of the most important lessons that counter-strike teaches you. In counter strike, if you are defeated in a round, it just gives you more zest and enthusiasm to defeat the other guy in the next round. The same should apply to life.

11. Be adaptive.

In counter-strike, you can’t just survive the game with one skill alone. You require a variety of other skills too. You can’t just come to game saying that since I am good at sniping, I will stick to sniping only. If the enemy is within close range, then your sniper rifle is absolutely useless. If you refuse to learn to use your pistol in order to subdue your enemy, you are a dead man. You should adapt to the situation and keep changing. Similarly, in life, you can’t afford to stick to just one thing. You need to be adaptive. You need to change tactics according to situation and you need to acquire new skills as you go in order to stay ahead in life. The person who is more adaptive will succeed more in life.

Looks like counter-strike is not just any other video game after all.

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