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Google is giving it to you for free and giving you an easy way to get in front of your local customers without having to pay for it.

Google shows these sites on the front page of Google based on LOCAL searches. So for the first time in history, you have the ability to generate local leads for your business using these new pages and what I like to call Local Engine Optimization or LEO.

On top of all of those incredible benefits there is still more. Google already knows what the biggest coming trend in 2012 is and they have already built the technology that you need right into this page for you.

What do the major search engines consider one of the most significant new marketing sources? One of these is mobile marketing.

The first picture is what the front page of a mobile Google search result looks like.
The second is what your Google Mobile website looks like.

Your new website is optimized for your customers’ smart phones!

So when a mobile user does a search for mortgages or mortgage information your free Google website will show up in the mobile search results!
Not only that, but when that future customer clicks on the link to see your page they see a website that is customized for their phone. It is your very own mobile website!

“A Bing executive at CTIA Wireless 2011 revealed that 50 percent of search queries on mobile have a local intent with users” – (Source: http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/search/9498.html)

Mobile search is one of the fastest growing search trends today. Having this mobile website gives you the tools that you need to tap into the highly motivated local customers that are looking for your services right when they need them!

Here is just a small list of the features that Google has crammed into your mobile site for you.
– Rankings on mobile searches
– One touch mobile dialing
– Instant GPS to your location
– Links to your branded website
– 5 Star Rating for your business based on your online reviews
– Coupons for your customers
– Ability to share your site with others

With this new resource you are able to tap into the two most critical forms of online marketing to new clients: front page rankings on local and mobile searches. To know more of the advantages that you can acquire with mobile marketing just visit http://localmortgagemarketing.com/ now.


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