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Google is one of the largest companies in the world because they have the most amounts of users. The reason everyone uses them is because they provide good, relevant search results.

If search engines start providing poor search results people will stop using that search engine. Google and all the other major industry players know this. It is the single largest threat to their business: loss of users.

The problem for the search giant was that we as a society now have high speed connections to the Internet which means that the world could produce information at a higher volume.

The more content that is put on the internet; the more work the search engines have to do to sort that information to provide a good relevant search result.

So how does a search engine become more relevant? How can they target search results to an individual better?

Go LOCAL. For an instance, a person in Texas does not want to see the same information that a person in Toronto does. The search engines figured out that they could sort their search results based on a person’s location.
Your computer and your cell phone are connected to the internet through local network providers. This gives the search engines a pretty specific idea of where you are located.

So today when you do a search, the results are specific to not just what you search but WHERE you are when you search it especially with businesses.

You have probably noticed some changes on the front page of Google in the last couple of months.

Have you seen a page that looks like this?

In almost every market in North America the top spots on Google are being replaced by these cool looking maps and new website listings.

Go ahead and do a search on your market right now.

If you type in “Area Name Mortgage Broker”, you will notice that the top spots look different. There’s a map that map has “tags” for all of the LOCAL businesses that match your search!

That is not the only change. Do you see where it says “Place Page” beside these new front page rankings?

These new links direct people to the absolutely free website that the fine folks at Google have built for local Business all over the country!

That’s right! Google built a website for your business and it could be showing up on the front page of the search engine right now!

Most business owners have no idea that these websites and this new opportunity to get on the front page for free even exists.

Why would Google build you a free website?

The answer my friend, is relevancy.

The major search engines needed to keep serving quality search results. In order to do that they had to start using people’s location to filter the search results.

They had a big problem.

The local marketplace was incredibly messy. All of the middle men like me had different website designs and layouts that we were creating for businesses. Because all of the pages were different Google users never saw the same page.

They could never easily find the business information they were looking for. Search engine users got frustrated because nothing was the same.

That combined with the fact that there are still many small businesses that still don’t even have a website.

If a local business does not have a website, it is pretty difficult for a search engine to display relevant information on that business.

Instead of Google going out and trying to sell a new website template to every small business in the country, they just went ahead and build template websites for them including yours. They are now showing these new websites on the front page to make business owners aware that they exist!


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