Xerox Econcierge Program-Guide

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Xerox introduced it’s new customer loyalty program called EConcierge at the beginning of June 2011.  In the past consumers had two options when needing service plans for their office equipment. They could choose to not get a service plan and be charged for all supplies, parts and labor, which could get expensive and didn’t do much to protect their machine, or they could choose to get an all inclusive contract, which included all parts, labor, and supplies but tended to be expensive.

EConcierge fits right in the middle of both plans. By purchasing your supplies through a Xerox authorized dealer and downloading Xerox’s software, Xerox will place your machine under service contract. This service contract matches the one that originally comes with the machine when purchased. If the model you have has an onsite contract, and it expired, but you signed up for EConcierge, you’d get a new onsite contract. This works for depot and exchange equipment as well.

To get started, you would need to download the EConcierge software from an authorized dealer. Once you install the software it will locate your office equipment, and allow you to place supply orders for that machine. Your new service agreement begins after the software has been running for thirty days and you’ve placed an order for two supplies. It would continue for as long as you continue to order your supplies through the program, the software stops working, or until Xerox determines the machine to no longer be in the program.

There are a few downsides for this program. First, if the software stops functioning for a period of time, you can be dropped from the program. This means if you need to format your computer or purchase a new one, you would need to install the software as soon as possible. The next issue is not knowing when Xerox will determine the machine to no longer be on the program. It normally takes a few years for Xerox to consider a product at its end of life, but the lack of a firm date is worrisome. Finally, the program may not make sense financially for smaller machines. If a printer has a service agreement that costs $100 a year, but you’re saving $300 a year buying through someone else, the program isn’t a very good deal. Overall Xerox estimates the savings to be around $300 a year.


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