Breakdancing, What is It?

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What Is Breakdance:
Breakdance or breaking is a street-based dance that incorporates intricate body movements, coordination, style, and aesthetics. The people who perform this style of dance are known as b-boys or b-girls.

Music of Breakdance:
Music is an important element in breakdancing. Typically, a DJ compiles short samples from a variety of different songs into a unique composition that suits this fast-paced dance style. The music used in breakdancing is often an impressive fusion of rap, disco, jazz, funk, soul, electro, and R&B. However, some dancers have even experimented with adding snippets of opera songs into their dance music.

The Origin of Breakdance:
Breakdance, the oldest known hip-hop style of dance, is believed to have originated in the Bronx, New York in the 1970’s. Sonic inspirations date back to the energetic performances of funk maestro, James Brown. In the early days of djing, emceeing, and b-boying, a break – instrumental part of a song that is looped repeatedly by the DJ – were incorporated into songs to allow a showcase of improvised breakdance steps.

Culture of Breakdance:
The culture of breakdancing is very informal. Moves are often passed on by word-of-mouth and many dancers are largely self-taught. However, some larger cities do have breakdancing clubs and organizations that provide a more structured approach to mastering this unique dance style.

Elements of Breakdancing:
Music is an essential part of breaking, but hip-hop is not the only option. 70’s soul, funk, and even jazz tunes all work as well. Style, fashion, spontaneity, concept and technique are also vital aspects of breakdancing.

Breakdance in Nowadays:
Today, breakdancing is an important part of pop culture, often appearing in popular movies and television shows such as South Park , Zoolander , Save the Last Dance , and You Got Served . Breakdancing is also an element of video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Smash Bros. Melee . Even professional wrestlers such as Booker T frequently incorporate breakdancing into their performances.

Popular Breakdance Moves:
Air Flares
Dizzy run

Notable Breakdancers:
The Rocksteady

Nowadays best Bboys:
Bboy Lilou
Bboy Neguin
Bboy Just Do It
Bboy Menno
Bboy Hong10
Bboy Junior
Bboy Kolobok    

That is all what you should know about Breakdancing.


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