Vettel's Valencia Domination

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Sebastian Vettel once again dominated with another race victory in Valencia extending his lead in the championship to 77 points. With a start to the season that he would have only dreamt of, baby Schumi is showing the sort of domination that had become accepted by Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari days.

While being only two races from mid-season, it would normally be too early to suggest that the Championship was won. It is evident to all, including his rivals that Vettel has grown and taken his driving to the next level after winning his first title. We now see a Vettel with complete confidence, a talent and ability to out drive his much older more experienced teammate Mark Webber. This season he has been three-tenths of a second faster than Webber over a race weekend, while six to eight-tenths faster than any other rival, a difference that is light years in Formula 1.

So who can stop young baby Schumi?

Vettel and Red Bull have been completely dominant throughout the season, securing pole position in seven of the eight races so far, going on to win six of them and only dropping 14 points all season. The likely competition looks to be Alonso and Ferrari who seemed to have improved their race pace in Valencia. Ferrari would need to close the gap by another three-tenths and then Alonso would be a good chance, however even he concedes that, “the Championship is not in our calculations”. The only other force that could stop Vettel would be a prayer to the rain gods, for plenty of rain and moisture in every other race this seasons so that the 42 year old Schumi is given the opportunity to perform more of his magic and make the comeback of the century.

One can only hope that something changes, so that Vettel is challenged up front, at the same time you can only admire the young German’s dominance and appreciate his talent. What most spectators naturally want to see is someone challenging the youg German for each win so that its not just a pole to finish line victory every race.


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