Dutch Food

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Holland is known for windmills, tulips and Van Gogh’s paintings. But only these things do not complete the picture of Holland as there are several other things which have become Holland recognition in other parts of the world. Patat fries that one can find almost all parts of Holland are known for their great crisp inside, fluffy and soft inside and mayonnaise dressing top. Apart from Patat fries, there are many other Dutch foods which becoming increasingly popular not only in Holland but in many other parts of the world as well.

Gone are the days when people visited Holland only for beautiful sights of its different cities, beaches and courts. Now apart from having fun, people can make lots of fun and make their trip really delicious one with variety of foods that available there. In the past Holland was only known for its beautiful sights, but now it’s known as a paradise for food lovers too. If you want to make the most of trip, you definitely need to have a trip of this beautiful place which has begun to known for its variety of food items. Now there are varieties of such foods that attracting tourist as much as some popular sights of that land.

Well, now you may ask about the foods that you must try when you are in Holland. In fact there are innumerable such foods from simple cheese to several cuisines, you will find many such foods that are quite according to your taste and must deserve a try.

If you love cheese and different items made of quality cheese, Gouda cheese is a well known variety of cheese that is famous for its nutty flavor and mild fruity taste. When this Gouda cheese is smoked, it gives barbecue flavor and feels nice when it is taken with olives and other fruit. The goat cheese has a slight sour taste and it feels nice when it is taken with sandwiches.

When you are at beaches or other recreational places and looking for the best foods there,  Scheveningen beach is a place where you will find several restaurants and bars that offering many different kinds of foods to the food lovers. In fact, this is the place that most food lovers would like to visit as it’s the place where one can find almost all varieties of Dutch foods. Whether it’s about fast food or some other kind of food items, these places will offer you all the food stuff that you need to have when in Holland.

There are several kinds of fast foods which becoming increasingly popular among the locals as well as among those that come to visit Holland from different parts of the world. Raw Herring is a popular fast food that is served with onions. Apart from traditional Dutch foods, one can find many other Turkish, Moroccan and Indonesian foods as some of these countries have been serving as Dutch colonies in the past.


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