Your Feet Need Your Support This Summer

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Summer is the time when your feet are freed from socks and shoes. It is the time when your feet feel tough under the combination of heat in the atmosphere, sweat from the body and direct light from the sun on your feet. It is the crucial time for your feet that may develop unsightly calluses, infections and injuries that affect your walk. Hence, is it not important to protect your feet and properly care for them during the summer months?

Summer comes with a change in your dress habits. It is the time when your sweaty shoes can be harmful on your toes. It is the time to break put the sandals.

Here are some tips to keep your feet healthy and beautiful, while safeguarding them against calluses, cancer, fungus, warts and other dangerously smelly bacteria. Your feet are very important and you need to pay special attention to their care and safety.

1) Do not go out bare foot

Going bare foot outdoors is most dangerous during summer since you may be prompted to so. In summer, you may love to feel the fresh-cut grass or the warmth of the earth. But beware; it can increase your odds of contracting plantar warts, athlete’s foot or other bacteria, causing infections. Going bare foot may also put you at risk for injuries, cuts, scrapes and bruises from debris that you may not notice and can lead to infection.

2) Do not leave your feet unprotected

It is found common that you slather sunscreen on your face, arms and other exposed parts of the body, except feet. Usually ankles, toes and soles are left out of your area of protection. Do not ignore the protection of your feet since feet are also liable to be infected or injured.

3) Keep your feet dry

It is very important to keep your feet dry in summer. Wet feet can be smelly. Wash them daily with soap and water, and dry them thoroughly before wearing shoes or sandals. You may wear synthetic blend socks to absorb excess moisture. If the shoes are wet, dry them before using them again. This will protect you from bacterial or fungal infections of your foot.

4) Choose proper footwear

Choosing flip-flops may be dangerous. Researchers of Auburn University have found that when people walk in the thong-style versions, they change their normal walking style, which can result in foot, ankle and leg pain. They suggest moderation in choosing footwear. It is advisable to choose a sturdy pair with cushioning and arch support, and replace them at the first signs of wear and tear.

5) Protect your feet from skin cancer

You may forget that skin cancer can occur on any unprotected part of your body. Experts say that a dangerous type of skin cancer called melanoma of foot and ankle is prevalent in the US. Since it is not noticed in the beginning stage, it results is skin cancer leading to fatal consequences.


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