Does Your Cat Have Behavior Problems

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If your cat has behavior problems he may be sacred, depressed or nervous.  He may be suffering from stress or anxiety.

Most of us are aware of how stress and anxiety can affect our lives and health.  Most of us do not realize that our pets have the same problems.  Cats that are stressed are very nervous and afraid.

Cats love routine and the feeling of security.  When things change cats become stressed, anxious or depressed. If the reason for their stress is not corrected then their condition will get worse.  It can affect their health and make them very unhappy.

Recognizing the symptoms of cat stress is very important.  They sometimes have dilated pupils.  They will go to the bathroom out of their litter box.  Spraying everywhere even when neutered can be a sign they are stressed.  They can be aggressive, they will pace and they are restless.  They will be depressed and avoid people.  They will hide and try to escape.  They will have a loss of appetite, excessive grooming or not grooming.  They will have increased meowing, destructive behavior, trembling and shaking.

Cats sometimes purr when they are stressed or in pain.  If your cats behavior continues check with your veterinarian.  You need to do this to make sure your cat’s problems are not medical.

Some of the causes of stress are loud noises, families fighting and thunder storms.  Changes in their environment such as moving or having the home decorated can cause stress.  Your cat will stress if there is a change in routine.  A cat will stress if a new baby or another pet comes into the home.

Your cat will stress if he is bored or lonely.  He will stress if there is a death of a family member or pet.  If there is fear of aggression or shouting from his owner he will stress.  If the cat came from a rescue he may have had previous bad experiences that still affect him.

Some physical causes are obesity or malnutrition.  He may be stressed because he is ill, or injured.  He may have fleas, worms or other parasites.  Your cat may be stressed because he has allergies.

You must find out what is causing your cats problems and correct them.  This will make your cat happy again. 


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