Have a Happy And Healthy Canary

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If At all possible you should not put you canary in a round cage.  It could cause him to stress.  The best cage for your canary would be 40 inches long, 15 to 20 inches wide and 25 to 30 inches tall.  The bars should be ½ inch apart.

If you train your canary for free flight exercise use a limited area.  It is easier than you think and the canary will love this.

Keep fresh water available at all times.  Never let your canary run out of water.  Your canary can die if he does not have water for less than a day.

Use the best quality seed mix you can buy.  The seed mix should be fresh.  The best seed mixes have about 80 percent canary grass seed.  They are beige in color.  The rest should be canola (rapeseed) which is round and black or brown and some flax seed which is shiny brown in color.

You must feed your canary vegetables if you want him to be healthy.  Give him a selection everyday.  A canary can consume half his body weight in vegetables.  Some good choices are broccoli, Savoy cabbage, kale, grated carrots or beets.  The beets should be mixed with greens.  They also like dandelions, leafy endives, rapini, collard greens and many other leafy greens.

Do not give them too much lettuce because it has too much water.  Romaine lettuce is okay.  You can also give them apples, pears or oranges.  Do not give them peaches, papaya or mangos.  These could give them diarrhea.

Treat seed should only be given once or twice a week.  Do not give over 1 teaspoon at a time.  They will damage their liver if they eat too many treat seeds.

Be careful when you buy store treats as they are usually stale.

Plain gravel is not necessary for canaries.  Gravel mixes with minerals and calcium should be used.  Vitamin supplements are necessary for a bird that lives indoors. 

The paper on the floor of the cage should be changed everyday.  Clean the cage and perches once a week.  This will help prevent diseases and mites.

Canaries are sensitive to toxins, perfumes, air fresheners and heavily scented products.

Avoid sandpaper on perches and floor.  They will only make the canaries feet sore.

Canaries molt once a year.  Usually in the summer.  Their molt will last 6 to 8 weeks.  Give your canary lots of extra nutrition and variety in his diet when he is molting.  If he is still molting after 12 weeks consult a veterinarian.

Make sure you canary has access to a bath every day.  This is very important.  Bathing is very important to a canary.  Use cold water and about ½ inch deep in a non slip dish.  Remove the water after about 30 minutes.  Give him his bath in the morning and never at night.  Do not let your canary get in a draft at any time.


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