Ways to Make Your Pet Rabbit Feel Secure

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Your rabbit must have his own bed.  The best thing is a plastic tub.  Place his bed under something so your rabbit feels he is protected.  Being rabbits are prey animals they need to feel secure.

It is also a good idea to give your rabbit a cardboard box besides his bed.  Cut 2 holes big enough for the rabbit on adjoining sides.  Rabbits feel more secure when they feel they can get away.  The 2 holes must be on adjoining sides.  A cardboard box can be a bunny’s best friend.  Provide your rabbit with several boxes in different locations.  This will give him a fabulous sense of security.

Some rabbits are afraid to hop on polished floors.  They are prey animals and the sleek surface makes them feel insecure because they can not get good traction so they may not be able to get away.

Rabbits usually do not get on furniture.  They like to get under the furniture because it makes them feel safe.

Make sure you keep your toilet seats down.  Rabbits do jump and he could go in the toilet head first.  He will not be able to get out because he can not get a footing on the slippery sides of the bowl.  He will not be able to get his head above the water and will drown.

Get your rabbit some toys.  Get him a couple of pine cones.  Plastic containers are good if they are small.  A small cane bowl is good for him to chew on.  Give him a pile of newspaper to shred and make a mess.  Get him some small cardboard boxes to toss around.  They also like toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  They will also get great pleasure from having a towel they can dig around in.

Your house rabbit would enjoy going outside once in awhile.  Do not take your eyes off him for a minute.  Just the presence of a cat will scare the rabbit.

Your back yard needs to be rabbit proof to keep your rabbit from getting out.  Do not let your rabbit get into azaleas, Daphne, ivy, elephant ears and oleanders. These plants will poison your rabbit. Be sure there is no snail bait or plants that have been sprayed with poisons.   


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