Integrated Personality

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During his early years Abraham Lincoln considered himself to be a morbid introvert, but in his later years he developed into a great personality by forgetting his own individuality.

His devotion to a cause greater than himself brought forth rare understanding, humor and wisdom. Hitherto he had lived with a mind similar to a room surrounded by mirrors, where everywhere he saw himself. Now, however, some of the mirrors changed into windows. He could see new interest and new preoccupations in them. Hence, you too should get out of your shell and expand yourself to absorb the realities of the world and you will develop a fuller personality. 

The right attitude coupled with the right kind of approach is sufficient of have a good personality. There is a correct manner to do even the mundane activities of everyday life. The way you tie you shoe lace or the manner in which you wish `Good morning’ to everybody around reflects your attitude towards life.

It is often seen that very few people really listen with attention. They merely wait for a chance to pounce upon the other person with their own narrative. The manner in which a person lends his ears to the woes or tales of the other person is sufficient to judge the attitude of the former.   

Friends often exchange gifts. But, there is a way and style of giving them properly. Gifts should be given without the air of extending some favor. When giving gifts, the person’s likes and dislikes should be taken into consideration.

Is it sufficient simply to offer your seat in a hall or bus to a lady or an old man?

A kind person often does it very sheepishly. But a gracious person will give it with a smile of willingness that would gladden the heart of the person who has received the favor.

Such thoughtfulness or such consideration is not merely decorative. It is the very essence or evidence of sincerity. Without it the kindness that is shown is just a formal, superficial and uninterested attitude. Learn to empathize and you will be cultivating a heart that will display kindness with style.


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