Am an Indian Woman

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In india many family still not allowing girls to go for higher education for many reasons. But nowadays in city the situation has been changed a lot but not villages. Why am writing this article, i was married in my age of 18 where i have completed only my higher secondary but i was not allowed to go for higher education on those days. But i was self interested and got through many barriers and now i pursued my qualification of MA, B.ed. Now the present scenario is am a widow of having two daughters, but i didn’t lose my self confidence working as a teacher in a private school, If Iam not studied I don’t know to imagine my situation. 

So please parent make your daughters to learn everything. Let them be a educated girl to face the future. Then only they are able to stand on their own leg and see this world confidently. Don’t think about their marriage, give them independent but explain the responsibility and how much they can use their independence. So that they knows their own future to build firmly. Girls are not only the back bone of the family also they are the ground for the society. Without a woman a family become null. Let them be strong enough to make our India stronger and stronger. 

A woman also should understand the people who is in their family and should be support in all the ways. She should be very soft and kind enough to handle all the situation. TAking emotional steps will lead to  a failure so should be very careful in decision making. Mere Education alone will not give the knowledge of every part of our life she should open and see the world in all the direction. 

 she is the wonder creation of God. She only can do miracles in every man’s life. she should Never lose her hope because a woman only can build a family. Taking care of children not only responsibility as a mother but she should knows she is taking care of future citizens. Be happy to be a woman. 


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