Asian Fusion Ribs

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Recipe Background:

I grew up as a third generation Chinese American, which means my parents and I were both born here.  My mother’s cooking incorporated not only Chinese ingredients she watched her mother use, but it also contained ingredients she grew up eating at American restaurants.  I guess you can call her one of the first pioneers into Asian Fusion cuisine.  The combination of sauces used in this recipe also applies well to chicken, which is what my mother used to make.  This specific recipe is a pork recreation of hers that I discovered.

Items Needed:

1 Large Oven Cooking Bag

3.5 Pounds of Baby Back Ribs (Beef or Pork)

1.5 Cups of Hoisin Sauce (preferably Koon Chun brand)

.5 Cups of Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce


First you want to preheat the oven to 350 degree.  Then mix the Hoisin and Hot Chili sauces in a bowl to get a dark brick color.  This should not take more than a minute. Cut the ribs into your preferred serving size, but I usually just cut parallel to the bone to get longer pieces.  Preferably, you should hand rub the blended sauce onto the meat.  However, if you decide to brush the sauce on, make sure you completely cover the meat.  Just a warning, the smaller the pieces the more sauce you will need to apply, so you might have to get more sauce. As you are marinating the ribs, take the ribs and place it inside the cooking bag. When the oven reaches 350 degrees, tie the cooking bag closed and then cut slits into the top of the bag.  You should not need more than 6 slits. Place the tray inside the oven for approximately 75 minutes or until tender.  The cooking times will vary depending on the weight of the meat.


You can adjust the amount of chili sauce depending on your preferred spice level.  This recipe wil make approximately 4 to 6 servings.


I suggest serving the dish with a side of white rice and a vegetable.  As far as vegetables go, I suggest something bland so it complements the spice and flavor of the baby back ribs.


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