Apples For Asthma

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Over the last couple of months I have been suffering from asthma attacks until I started drinking apple juice. Apple juice is one of the best home remedies and alternative medicines I have ever used to help prevent and treat my asthma attacks. Drinking apple juice has even helped treat my wheezing that came with my bronchitis infection.

The reason why apple juice can help prevent and treat asthma attacks is because it contains loads of vitamin C which helps the immune system become stronger and healthier, and vitamin C helps reduce inflammation in the lungs and body. Apple juice also contains antioxidants that are very powerful and can help reduce the amount of free radical cells in the lungs which also helps treat and prevent asthma attacks and other lung infections. Free radical cells are what usually cause asthma attacks and lung infections in the first place.

Now not only does apple juice help treat and prevent asthma attacks and lung infections, but it also helps prevent the body from getting other types of infections, cancers and diseases. It even helps keep your blood sugar low and your heart healthy. Apple juice is even excellent to drink when you have a cold, flu or virus because once again it contains large healthy amounts of vitamin C. So, I would recommend every body to drink some apple juice each day to help treat and prevent asthma attacks, but also to keep your body healthy and strong overall.

The amount of apple juice you will need to drink a day to get the full benefits from it to help treat and prevent asthma attacks and lung infections would be about 8 to 16 ounces a day. If you do not like drinking apple juice you can always eat a cup of apples sauce or have an apple because they contain the same amount and even more antioxidants and vitamin C as apple juice. I even like to make apple crisp with cinnamon and snack on that as a healthy desert once and awhile because not only do the apples help treat and prevent asthma attack and lung infections, but the cinnamon and other spices in apple crisp help reduce inflammation in the lungs as well as in the body.

So, drink up that apple juice and treat and prevent your asthma attacks and lung infections with this alternative way without the use of drugstore medicines and prescription drugs. However, if you have sever asthma you will always want to continue with your normal medication and keep seeing your health care professional to keep your asthma in control while drinking apple juice to prevent the severity of them. I wish you all the best of luck with treating and preventing your asthma attacks with apple juice.


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