Sound Sleep Makes Wives Content

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Hey guys, how often have you heard it said that we men regularly disturb the sleep of our loved ones with loud snoring? I personaly have never been told by my wonderful wife that I snore, but then she never has trouble sleeping anyway, and a new study suggests I should be very grateful for that fact.

Though only a small study in truth, the results are fuelling the speculation which says that the quality of your wife’s sleep plays an important part in maintaining a successful marriage. 32 couples, average age of 32, all of whom were declared free of psychiatric, medical or sleep disorders took part in the study.

How long they took to go to sleep and how often they woke during the nights was carefully monitored over a ten day period, subjects daily asked to report on positive feelings such as being valued by their partner, and negative emotions created through criticism or simply feeling that they were being ignored by their other half.

Researcher Dr Wendy Troxel pointed out that results had thrown up some interesting facts, such as that sleep problems of the wives had definite effects on marital functioning the next day of both her and her partner, independent of depressive symptoms caused by fatigue.  Those wives who took longer to fall asleep  reported having problems next day, as did the husbands concerned.

Women who have slept badly are more likely to be irritable or frustrated, where men tend to be less so,the relationship between nightly sleep and marital interactions the following day appearing to be stronger than that between daily interactions and sleep afterwards. It seems that women sleep better in the presence of a partner and women who have happy marriages suffer far fewer sleep disturbances.

Oddly enough, men failing to sleep at night does not have this same effect, and researchers do not know why this might be the case, but it is.Dr Troxel is professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh in the US, and has conducted several small studies, none of which can be taken to represent the population as a whole, but it is very interesting, all the same.

If your wife starts complaining that she feels tired, or wakes up too often during the night, take note, because it could be that you are not paying her enough attention, or keeping her amused enough to sleep soundly. Happiness ia apparently that esy to measure, and that in itself is no bad thing, so if you want your marriage to be a happy and contented one, do whatever it takes to ensure that your missus always gets a good nights sleep.


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