Horrid Graves Disease

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Fans of her music had been waiting patiently for a new release, though as the years rolled by they must have started to fret, only to discover that the reason the popular singer ad been away so long was illness, and a lifelong battle with the ominously named Graves Disease, not a condition too many people are familiar with, but one that can be very unpleasant.

Causing Hyperthyroidism, this incurable auto-immune disease shows itself with symptoms such as tremors, double vision, rapid heart rate and insomnia, Fatigue, muscle weakness and  anxiety are also part of it, men unfortunate enough to contract Graves finding themselves with, enlarged breasts. Hair loss, mood swings, and loss of muscle control were things the singer experienced since loss since the diagnosis three years ago.

The condition causes the Thyroid gland to create too much of the hormone that usually helps regulate metabolism in the body. Energy availability, weight control and mood are all affected, along with those symptoms already mentioned.

Cassic Graves’ disease signs, in the physical sense, can include goiter – an enlarged thyroid gland – as well as eyes bulging. The singer stated that her condition was at times so bad that even the simplest of everyday tasks was difficult, including being unableto grasp a pen well enough to write.

Medication is readily available,Beta blockers helping control high heart rate and nervousness, but no treatment exists to prevet Graves from making the immune system attack the thyroid, so anti-thyroid drugs are prescribed, helping  prevent excess hormone production in the gland. Such prescribed drugs often get used alongside gland-shrinking radioactive Iodine doses, or gland removal through surgery.

Shoukld the surgery be recommended, there is a danger that the opposite problem will occur, in that the patient contracts hypothyroidism.  This is the condition in which in which enough, if any, thyroid hormone. Can be made by the body, meaning that drugs must be taken to ensure enough hormone is available, for without them weight gain, depression and sluggishness can become the order of the day.

Graves is, apparently, more likely to be contracted by women than men, usually developing after the age of 20, and if diagnosed properly, is nothing really to worry about, as the disease is rarely life-threatening, if unpleasant at times. Although the symptoms can cause discomfort, generally has no long-term adverse health effects occur, if the patient receives prompt and proper medical care.  Missy Elliott  had radiation treatments, and reportedly stated that her throid was working well these days, to the extent that she has gone without drugs for nine months now.

Whether or not she will soon be well enough to start recording again, or indeed performing live, is still in the air, because the Graves is incurable, and she can never be certain how things will be. Perhaps, like the unfortunate Glenn Campbell, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and making plans for a farewell album and tour, Missy Misdemeanor Elliott can summon upthe strength for a farewell album of her own. The fans would certainly appreciate it, and they have been patient, so far.


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