Coconut Oil For Good Health

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Were you aware that, in health food terms, Coconut oil is currently the hot topic of the moment, many researchers and medics, all around the globe claiming it to be the wonder oil everybody needs to consume, even though it is high in saturated fat.

The Western world used to see such fats as very unhealthy, so butter and lard and coconuts gained a really bad reputation, everyone encouraged to eat polyunsaturated fats or margarine instead, which a great many people globally took to heart. Oddly, and perhaps not surprisingly global populations have become fatter and sicker from use of the unsaturated fats, so a re-think became necessary.

Natural saturated fats  such as coconut oil have been used, traditionally, in many world cultures, but the preference these days, for seed oils and refined oils, is leading to an epidemic of global obesity, because so much is used f processed foods, sespecially so-called vegetable oils.

There never was any scientific foundation for the bad name given to coconut oil, and while olive oil may well be the healthiest monosaturated fat one can buy, tasty and suitable for almost every diet, it is not the only healthy alternative, the health and fitness industry again turning to the many benefits of the wonderful natural fat  contained within that coconut oil..

Made up primarily of medium chain fatty acids, the oil in question is known to increase metabolism and promote actual  weight loss,  also raising basal body temperatures during the increases caused to the metabolism, great news for sufferers of low thyroid function. Since the main ingredient of this oil is lauric acid, it becomes even more beneficial to the consumer.

These coconut oil ingredient medium-chain fats are very much like those in mother’s milk, with nutritional values and health benefits first realized in Ayurvedic medicine many hundreds of years in the past. Researchers have at last discovered a common link indicating that mother’s milk and coconut oil have miraculous healing powers attributable to them both.

Using coconut oil in cooking is good in several ways, the fats in it having anti microbial properties fighting bacteria, fungi,  and parasites, causing indigestion problems, as well as helping absorb o nutrients lik vitamins, minerals and amino acids. II is also helpful tocardiovascular health, lauric acid helping prevent various heart problems.

It would appear thatmodern medicine now confirms coconut oil treatment for many conditions, provide a wide range of health benefits:

Modern medical science is now confirming the use of coconut in treating many conditions. Published studies in medical journals show that coconut, in one form or the other, may providing a wide range of health benefits, that include helping protect the body from breast, colon, and other cancers, as well as providing a nutritional source of quick energy.

The new wonder kid on the health food block is really an old-timer making a comeback, butit is a relief to kow that those practitioners of ancient medicine were in some respects right on the money when it came to natural cures. Substitute the olive oil you cook with for the coconut oil instead, and the diet you work so hard to get right might just start paying out in a big way, as you burn up more body fat, just because you changed over.


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