A Good Environment is Essential to Lead a Healthy Life

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Accountability is being responsible for the works entrusted to you .You are answerable to someone. It evaluates your performance against your responsibilities. In the event of any failure, it makes you accept full responsibility for the failure and not to transfer the blame to someone else. It is the courage to own mistakes without trying to justify.

A person of accountability is always trustworthy. Others can rely on him. Sometimes we are successful in our efforts. We can take credit for our success. Sometimes we fail in our efforts. Accountability makes up accept not transfer the blame to someone else. We do not justify the mistakes committed.

As God’s children, we are accountable to god for our actions. We are supposed to do good things to honor him. God has given each one of us so many talents. They are to be used for our good and the good of others. If we do not use them and remain idle, we are accountable to god.

He will call us to explain why we have failed him. In the same way we are accountable to our parents. They have sacrificed a lot to send us to school. If we do not study well and waste our time, we are accountable to them. We are answerable to them for not properly using the opportunities given to us.

You should learn to take care of your surroundings. A good environment is essential to lead a healthy life.

  • Do not waste the natural recourses.

  • Do not pollute air. Do not waste water.

  • Do not waste things that are meant for common use.

Become a law- abiding citizen. This is needed not only for your own good but also for the good of others.

Accountability is being responsible for the works entrusted to you. Evaluate your performance every time against your responsibilities. If you are successful, do take credit for it. But if you fail, own up your mistakes and correct them.

Environment is the natural within which people, plants animals’ live-that every thing which surrounds us, our home. Everything we need for our survival is given by the environment.

*food- man depends on the environment for food.

*shelter-man uses the earth’s resources to shelter himself from rain, sun and snow.

*inspiration and recreation- people need the environment for inspiration and recreation.

*water and air- our survival and that of other living things is impossible without water and air.


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