Love, Patience And Life

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Patience is the biggest virtue that everyone must have. Nothing is better said than this. It is one of the most virtuous of human values as it helps to keep one’s anger within control. Sometimes though, such glorifications of human values look stupid. At some of the occasions, action, even though it incurs much damage, is warranted. There are moments in life in which your emotions, ego, attitude, and everything that can be mentioned are devalued to the gallows.

There are some improvising questions that appear as the hallmarks of English language etiquette. One of them is “do you mind me having this?” This is something that people ask before they intend to share something of yours, or want to take something from you. Often this question irks you. There are people who won’t wait to get a response from you. They would ask and very politely take it away. How social this looks? Here you can be patient. But it turns really ugly when people do not feel it necessary to bother you with this petty and silly question of theirs… that is they take without asking. Do not they understand that not everything be taken for granted?

It is really agonising when people take relationships in the same league. You may have a zillion peccadilloes but still you have some right to not remain patient. You feel like getting burnt down to the ashes. Sometimes something is more than enough of the many “enoughs” that care to bother us in our lives. Cannot beat about the bush any more but it really pricks when you see your girlfriend dating other men. She needed space. That is what she had said. And I had agreed. Never knew that the space she needed would be so much that it would make me loose all the little space that I had. Life is full of troubles. And troubles seem to cloud over you when you don’t speak out anything.

You can be patient in your life. But just because you are, you cannot be on every occasion. Thinking about this is really prickly. You cannot be cool. And more than that you are a moron, when you write all these, knowing that she is not your girlfriend and it is just one sided love that you are doing. You know that eventually you will be rejected but still you  love her with all the passions in you knowing that she does not love you.


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