Common Dangerous Mistakes Parents And Caregivers Make in The Kitchen

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There are many dangers in the kitchen, especially to a young child or infant who does not yet know the dangers of a hot stove or sharp utensils. Even being able to open a cupboard door is a dangerous thing in the kitchen. Many people will think of the obvious things but may overlook others, with disastrous results.

A common mistake in the kitchen is to leave pot handles over the edge of the stove. Even when the stove is not on, and the pot is not hot or filled with something hot, it still has a great potential for injuring a child simply because of it dropping on top of them.

Another one is leaving utensils and dishes too close to the edge of a table or counter. Baby’s little exploring fingers reach further every day. Everything on a table or counter should be well out of the range you would expect your child to reach, and be sure to overestimate.

If you have not put baby proofing stoppers on your cupboard doors, you should do it now. Getting it done before baby can crawl is a good way to ensure you don’t put it off until its too late. If baby sneaks past once and gets under the sink, what sort of poisons can he or she get into under there? Not to mention the slammed fingers and other potential injuries that a child might incur from trying to stand againt an insecure object like a cupboard door.

Make sure all doors and drawers in the kitchen close well and securely, just as you would in the nursery or bedroom. If a drawer likes to stay open, make sure to make a special effort each time to close it all the way. Baby wants to climb, and he will be trying to get his little fingers in there and pull himself up. This obviously can only go two ways: the drawers pulls out on him, or he takes a fall. Neither are great possibilities.

Many people don’t take the time to strap baby in with the safety straps on a highchair. Whether this is simple negligence or a genuine mistake, you can decide. Many children have been injured by falling out of highchairs and other baby implements because parents and caregivers failed to use the safety straps.

Care must also be taken with medicines. The most common cause of poisoning in babies is iron poisoning from vitamin pills. Keep all medicines up high, preferably in a locked cupboard. After you take your daily vitamin, be sure to put it back up in the cupboard with the lid on. If you use a weekly pill counter, which a baby can easily open, take extra care to keep it up out of reach. Never let baby play with a medicine bottle, even one with a safety cap on it.


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