Destin Real Estate – Home For Sale By Owner

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Destin Real Estate – For Sale By Owner

Destin is a competitive market to sell a home or condo. The average house is on the market over 6 months. Wow! That is a long time to be in limbo waiting for your house to sell?

Real Estate agents are frustrated that their homes are not selling as they are looking for their big paychecks when they do. But, what are they actually doing for you and your home and for themselves?

You see, they are NOT natural marketers and have been taught what to do to sell your home. They do exactly the same for each property and list it in the MLS listings as well as a few other places.

Some of the other big real estate directories pick them up from there and they all try and take their piece of your profits.

But, if you are searching for a home online where do you go? Do you go to,, Zillow, Trulia or


You don’t know about any of those sites yet. You do a search in Google or Youtube for what you want. For example “Destin homes for sale by owner”.

Most of the time you will get results back from aggregator sites like the ones above because they have so many backlinks to their page, Google sees them as the authority.

But, you can rank well for your SPECIFIC keywords too and can climb above these real estate monopolies with some internet marketing knowledge.

That is how you get targeted buyers to look at your home.

Most real estate companies have a hard enough time trying to market their own BUSINESS, they don’t have the time to put in all this work (and yes, it does require a lot of work) into each and every individual house they are trying to sell.

That’s why it is better to put a team of internet marketing experts to work to sell your home online. They know from years of learning and testing how to get your homes seen on the internet and they know what is working now!

Truth is, most real estate companies have been using the same failing system to market their houses for years online, while real internet marketers know those strategies don’t work that well anymore.

The fact is, 99% of all homes sold begin with an online search so,

Let me ask you a question…

If you were sick and in the need of a doctor quick, would you go to a medical doctor or a doctor of psychology?

Of course, you go to the medical doctor because they are best qualified to deal with your problem.

So again, if you are trying to sell your home, do you go to an internet marketing expert who specializes in finding BUYERS online, or do you go to a real estate agent, who may have done NO MARKETING in their life, but knows how to LIST a house?

Who are you going to trust with one of the biggest decision in your life?

The real estate market MUST change if they want to continue to compete with each other. Otherwise, for sale by owner and internet marketer may take over the industry.


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