Why Ignoring Problems Rarely Works

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So you have a problem, a problem person, or situation, you think you can ignore it and miraculously it will resolve itself, or perhaps it will get bored/tired of you and will leave you in peace. Think again. Problems go away only when solved and dealt with. Of course we all want to follow our Lord Jesus Christ in his infinite wisdom, but unless you are prepared to be crucified you might want to rethink that turning the other cheek approach.

It is your job to let people know how they should treat you. Give them an example by treating them the way you want to be treated in return. You should establish the boundaries in all your relationships, but let’s say you didn’t do your job well and others decided for you how they should treat you, seeing no objections on your part they will continue to mistreat you. Or perhaps you reacted and confronted them, but your authority was not sufficient and the abusive behavior didn’t stop. What should you do next?

First of all you should never look for problems with people friendly existence with all is a much more pleasant and fulfilling alternative to war. Conflicts take away the resources, time and energy from achievement of your goals; they become unnecessary even dangerous detour that you cannot afford. Everybody loses in war, but sometimes it is the only option to stop the abuse. When your authority is not enough to deter people from mistreating you consider forging a new alliance with other powerful players, become part of a group. Insulting you in such situation will equal insulting the whole group.

Health problems: ok, you neglected your diet, you were born with weak, disease prone constitution, you unluckily contracted some life threatening disease, and now you are very sick, what can you do next? Nothing happens suddenly all things need time to develop, have you been paying attention? You must take appropriate steps to take care of your body and health. You must change your diet. The longer you wait to solve the problem, the more handicapped you will become by it.

Miscellaneous problems: from your tire being blown to facing an assailant you must think and resolve the situation. Preparedness for such mishaps and planning ahead is the best strategy, but let’s say you got caught unprepared what should you do next? The first thing you must do is not to panic, take a moment to compose yourself, when we panic our brain shuts down making it hard to think, and you must think to get yourself out of this mess. Take a deep breath, don’t be afraid, you can take care of it all by yourself; give yourself a chance.

Get into habit solving your problems before they begin, save yourself an unnecessary headache and abuse. Be prepared for mishaps, always plan ahead.


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