Any Idea Why we Laugh?

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Any idea why we laugh?

No, no, this is not a silly question at all. Don’t I know that we laugh when we are happy, on hearing a happy piece of news, when a little child smiles at you, when someone greets you heartily and so on. Oh, yes, another occasion, a boy sitting next to me has pointed out is, when you are physically tickled at the hip by someone.” All this is common knowledge. But our grand Scientists have a different explanation altogether. Hence this article.

Our scientists say, we laugh when we are happy. We feel happy because a particular gene releases the ‘happy’ chemicals into the brain. Have you understood the concept so far?

The scientific discovery goes on to name the gene as 5-HTT. This gene not only triggers happiness in us but also activates moods and depression in us.

The researchers analysed 2500 people and found that the happiest guys were those who had inherited two ‘long’ versions of the 5-HTT. There is also a ‘short ‘ version. These long and short fellows combine among themselves such as long-long, long-short, short –short. The least happy chaps are those with short-short line up.

We inherit these long and short genes from our parents. So, if you are for ever a happy fellow, you must bless your parents. If your transposition is short-short, you will be always unhappy with a long drawn face transmitting this state to others around you.

“Are you now wise about why we are happy and why unhappy?” I asked my group of friends who were at the usual evening constitutional in the park adjoining my colony. We normally spend our evenings together discussing some issue or the other. Sometime little geniuses from the park area also join us and partake in our discussion..

“Somewhat,” cried out a grand pa. “Don’t you think it would be a good idea, before marriage, the youngsters must compare their 5-HTT. If both have ‘long’ they should marry….”

A middle aged lady intervened and asked what if both were short – short?”

An engineer in the group butted in and wound up the argument saying, “They should throw out their 5-HTT into the dust bin and get married anyway.”


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