Instant Guide to Seo (Search Engine Optimization) : Basic Steps

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What the term “SEO” means

A website or its WebPages are optimized in such a way that its internal and external aspects are improved and it increases the traffic in a search engine. The technique of doing this work is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Why is it needed?

 Search engine are basic tools to bring topic for users of their choice. It is interesting to know that majority traffic on internet is derived from Search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing etc. So Search engine optimization is basic building block for online marketing.

Here are few simple steps which can be implemented easily on your website that is used in SEO to rank higher on Search Engine.

1: Keyword research

2: Page Title Optimization

3 Content Optimization

4 Heading Tags Optimization

5  Search Engine submission and Submission to directories.

a.   Key word research

Keywords are key phrases which a person types on a search engine to look for services and products of her/his choice. First let’s start with basic keyword research that will give us a list of keywords to target for your website.

The best method to get relevant keywords to your article is Google sand box.

You can use Google sand box here to analyse keywords for your article. Click here

A complete list of keywords will cover all the keywords related to your services and products offered. Ranking high for these keywords will generate more page views for you.

b.            Page Title optimization:

The Page Title is one of the key page elements that the search engine indexes and shows the end user the relevant results of the key words entered.

Eg : If a user searches for “ get paid from writing online ” as a keyword, as the website which has this keyword in its title will appear in search engine result.

The correct placement for the Title Tag-

is between the Head Tag -and within the HTML of your web page. 

These are the following useful tips for page title optimization.

(a)          Make sure that the main keyword is included in your page title.

(b)          Ensure your page title should not be more than 60 characters or 6 words whichever is  less.

(c)           Avoid words such as; “and”, “the”, “A”, “to”, “for”, “of” “but” etc. in the title.

(d)          It is wise to give each page a unique title.

(c)           Content Optimization.

                Google love content rich websites. Google loves nothing more than content rich websites. Quality rich content on your website is the vital means to attracting more targeted and qualified visitors to your site.  You can take help of a SEO professional for content optimization of your site.

(d)           Heading Tag optimization

These are the features which appear on the pages both for users and search engines. Heading tags are one of the most important tags appearing on the page not only to the users but they are also very important to the search engines.  This happens since these tags are closely related to the content of the page they appear on. So Heading tag optimization is another method to boost your website ranking on search engines. That’s why you require putting one heading tag on one page. Many of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN place a lot of relevance on keywords in header tags (H1, H2 and H3).

(e)     Submission to Directories & Search Engines

Website submission to Online Directories and Search Engines increases the visibility of your website at no extra cost.

A checklist where you need to submit your website for Free !

  1. Intute – the best Web resources
  2. Infolistings Directory
  3. My Green Corner
  4. The MasterMOZ Web Directory
  5. Bee Directory
  6. Bunrui Directory
  7. CANLink Directories
  8. Effective Directory
  9. eSearch Research
  10. Free Website Directory
  11. Search Sight
  13. Solutionet
  14. URL Web Directory
  15. Web Directory
  16. Yahoo Directory
  17. Prolink Directory
  18. 000 Free Link Directory
  19. 134u
  20. A1 web directory
  21. AAA Web Directory
  22. Ablaze Directory – Free Website Directory
  23. Add site link
  24. All links Dir
  25. an unofficial Google Maps Directory
  26. Anaximander Directory
  27. Arakne links
  28. Backlinks free
  29. Bagiacar
  30. Barhite Directory
  31. Best Site Directory –
  32. Business Web Directory –
  33. Businesses on the Net
  34. Calpoly Directory
  35. Cool Website Lisstings
  36. Creative Agency
  37. Dramba
  39. ePagini Business Directory
  40. eSiq Directory
  41. evil Directory
  43. Free Business Directory
  44. Free Links
  45. Free WD
  47. – The B2B Search Engine
  48. Josh`s Sanctum
  49. KCindex Web Directory
  50. LDM Studio
  51. Links Pub
  52. NJ Music Society
  53. Nonar
  54. Ohira
  55. OPA networks
  56. PhillyFirst – Web Directory
  57. Resource Central – Internet Directory of Resources
  58. Seemous
  59. Shapel Directory
  61. Smart Links
  62. The web directory
  63. Treshella :: Human Edited PR4 Directory
  64. Trunek Directory
  65. Turbo Directory
  66. TurnPike Emporium Directory
  67. URL Guider
  68. Valioso BD
  69. WebDiro
  70. Wikidweb
  71. XDSTL
  72. Zunch Directory
  73. All Sites Sorted – Website Directory
  74. Best Site Directory –
  75. Best Site Directory –
  76. Busybits Web Directory
  77. Buzz Website Directory
  78. CalBac Web Directory
  79. Clarib Web Directory
  80. BackLink Partner
  81. Candomultimedia Directory
  82. Directory List
  83. DirectorySEF
  84. Easy Website directory –
  85. E-BizDirectory
  86. Ensure Links Directory
  87. Environmentpage Web Directory
  88. ESG Site Directory
  89. Explore Urls
  90. Extensive Live Site Listing –
  91. Free Advertising Directory
  92. Free Directory –
  93. Free Directory – Finest 4
  95. Gain Web | Link Directory
  96. Golden Links
  97. Good Sites – Web Directory
  98. Huge Listing Resource –
  99. JHUCR free web directory
  100. Joopita
  101. Just Another Directory
  102. Large Index Directory –
  103. Large Live Directory Database – Raiisa
  104. Link Centre
  105. Link Directory
  106. LiteDirectory :: Web Directory 
  107. Massive Resource Directory –
  108. More Visits
  109. Mylinkreview Human-edited Web Directory
  110. Online Business Directory –
  111. Pegasus Free Web Directory
  112. – Enormous Web Listing
  113. RL Directory
  114. Scoopfeed Directory
  115. Search Web World Genereal Directory
  116. Segta Directory
  117. Shocking Directory
  118. Shopping Guides Directory
  119. SirPac SEO Internet Web Directory
  120. Skype Media Web directory
  121. Strong Web Directory
  122. Thales Directory
  124. Viesearch
  125. Wannaberichtoo Web Directory
  126. Web Directory of SuperMegaSites
  127. Wide Variety Resource –
  128. Wisob Directory
  129. ZaBox FREE Web Directory

Besides these basic techniques there are another two advanced SEO techniques such as Link popularity and Meta Tag optimization used in internet marketing.

You may refer my article on Meta tag and link popularity. Click here


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