How to Bring More Page Views For Articles on Bukisa

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No. 1 :   Choose a popular topic.

The mathematics of getting page views is simple. The rate of popularity of a topic is directly proportional to the number of page views.  If your article is a negligible topic then it is hard to get page views online. So choosing a popular topic is prior important.

You can use “ Google Suggest” to get live popular topic of a month.

No. 2 :  Keyword analysis for your article.

Do some keyword research. Select two main keywords and 3 or 4 sub keywords. Write article based on these keywords only. In this way you can increase the page views of your article.

No. 3 :  Do not forget to use correct tags.

Bukisa doesn’t receive massive tags. So use only correct tags for your article. Make sure it is relevant to the topic of your article.

No. 4 :  Submit link of your article  to Search Engines:

You can submit article links to search engine to increase its visibility and increase page views. Submitting to search engines is free and easy.

So do these home work here. Submit your article link to Googlehere.      Submit to Yahoo here.      Submit to Bing here

Each time you publish an article on Bukisa you can submit it at your own for better page views for your article.

No. 5 :  Increase your Social  Networking.

Popular social networking sites includes face book, Twitter, Orkut, Digg, Linked in  and Netlog, Quepasa etc. These sites work best to bring quality page views for your article.

What you have to do is to share your topic with your friends in these social networks. They may give you live feedbacks for your article also. These social networking sites are free to join. 

Besides these basic steps there are so many techniques are used to bring page views legally.  Such as; inbound links, outbound links, forums, article marketing etc.

Do article marketing

Article marketing is the method by which an author promotes her/his article online using other article directories. When you write one or two article on those directories and give your profile link, it will attract readers from those directories to your profile and it increases the number of readers.

Here is a list of such free articles directories you can place your Bukisa profile link to attract more readers to your article on Bukisa.

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