How to Write a High Paying Article on Bukisa: Step by Step Guide

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No. 1 :   Writing a popular topic

Write something what your readers can be interested. Look at your surroundings. See what is happening around you. Pick up a topic and write about it.

For an example “Swineflu” was a topic which was a globally discussed topic few years ago.

Mostly there are three categories of articles attracts more readers such as;

  1. Money/ Finance/Personal finance

  2.  Health/ personal health/ alternative medicine

  3. Entertainment/ Fun/ holidays

These are advice from top-notch online writers. You can even set your own topic anytime.

No. 2 :   Use Technology to choose  popular topics.

The most effective technique to choose popular topic is to use Google Suggest. It offers searches by other users which are identical to the one you are typing. If you put a word “how to solve” then a drop down will appear in Google search Engine suggesting you how to do articles by the order they are popular. The most popular searches will come on the top.

 Pick up those popular topics and compose an article immediately to publish it.  

No. 3 :  Use Google Adwords for Perfect keyword suggestion.

Use Google Adwords for suggestion of few key words based on its popularity.  What you have to do is to open a Google Adwords account free. Then you can use it for keywords suggestions.  Here how you do it.

Step 1 :  Create a Google Adwords account free

Step 2 :  Go to ‘Reporting and Tools’ tab.

Step 3 : Go to ‘Keywords & tools’ tab

Step 4 :  Put most relevant word of your article to suggest keywords. You can search relevant keyword based on relevance, global searches etc.

Do it yourself now. This is one of the best methods to write a high paying article on Bukisa. 

No. 4 :   An attractive heading to your article  gives you unexpected credit.

 Make heading of your article awesome.  That will attract your reader wisely. Because a visitor first looks at the heading of your article rather than full content.

No.5:  Place correct tag in your article

Tags are just like keywords to your article. Keywords help to make your article visible throughout internet and tags helps you to make your article visible to Bukisa visitors. So placing correct tags are prime concerns for your article to earn high on Bukisa.

Do not ignore tags while creating a article.

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