Beginner’s Guide to Earn on Bukisa

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Step 1 : Understanding Bukisa first.

Bukisa is an online revenue sharing site where you can write what you like and earn money when visitors click on ads. Also you have the great opportunity to earn from number of unique visitors to your article.

It is such a platform where you can write and publish in minutes. You will be rewarded for each bit of your work.  Here you have no restriction of choice of topic to write about. Only thing you should write useful article for readers.

Step 2 : Making money on Bukisa.

Google adsense is the Major  source of earning from bukisa.  You write article on Bukisa. Your article brings visitors. Google shows ad on those articles. You get paid your share.   You will get  a percentage of revenue share and rest  goes to Bukisa account. 

Another source of earning is from  ‘Chitika’. More details about Bukisa earning can be found from the learning centre of Bukisa.

Step 3 :  Sign up for Bukisa account.

 You can sign up for a Bukisa account in minutes. But be sure to sign up in your original name and priority email account. Because it will going to be your next passive earning source on internet.

Step 4 :   Building a crystal clear profile.

Next important thing is to design your profile crystal and clear. Simple describe what you are. That’s good for Bukisa.

Step  5 :  Starting up your first article.

First impression is last long. Keep it in mind and put your first article with 100% dedication from your side. Your article should be rich in quality and easy to understand.

Step 6 :  Start Earning as long as it attracts readers.

Soon some of your article published online and started attracting readers; you can apply for Google adsense account. Once it is approved you will start making money from your articles.

Your income will continue till your articles are online and attracting readers online.

So why to wait? Take one step ahead and change your life here.

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