Quick Postcards Design Tips

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Designing a postcard is not a difficult task. You can design postcard easily. You can even print postcards yourself. They are easy to create and distribute that’s why it is one of the cost-effective marketing strategies. But there are many business owners that make a little mistake while designing their postcard.

The first mistake they made is to put a lot of information on a small postcard. Second, they print their information on one side of the postcard.  Let’s see why business owners should avoid this;

Avoid too much information;

There are several marketers that put too much information on the postcard.  The problem with too much information is – it makes words too small and set in tiny type. These tiny words are difficult to read by a recipient. The recipient who has limited time they just feel overwhelmed and give up. The end of your postcard is in a trashcan.

The solution of this problem is, when you are feeling argumentative and grumpy, you should go back and edit the information for your postcard. You need to trim down your information. It is good if you just write a catchy bold headline and list down the benefits associated with your products and services.

Back Before Front;

Your recipient usually looks at the back of your postcard first. The back of the postcard contains the sender’s, recipient’s addresses and stamp indicia. But you have still enough room to create an effective design on the back your postcard.

It is also a good idea to employ the same front design on the back of your postcard. You should add few effective factors on the both side of your postcard such as logo, website address and the photo.  

You can try this idea – if you are doing the business of real estates and you are looking for the listing. You offer free market analysis to your customers who requests you. Then you should make the same offer on the front and back side of your postcard. This way, you can get higher response rate.

Thus, I have mentioned two effective and quick ways to design postcards. Marketers who don’t follow these two guidelines often face problems in generating their desired response rate. You must try these guidelines at least once and see the improvements in your results. This is a great way to improve your postcard marketing campaign. So, try out this, today.


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