Three Traits to Look For – Mailing List Broker

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Mailing list is the soul of successful direct marketing campaign. It is the single most important factor that can lead you towards the success. If you get wrong direct marketing mailing list, you will waste a lot of expensive packages on undeliverable and wrong addresses. This can cause you raising cost and reducing your sales and you will lose everything.

So, if you create your own mailing list, it will be the best option. In other case, you have to buy mailing list from a reputable broker. But how do you know about brokers? There is a huge list of brokers available on the internet today. It is difficult to find which one is best for you.

A good broker has following traits;

·         Experience

·         Reputation

·         Service


Experience is thing that’s always counts. You will find over 50,000 mailing lists in the United States but all of them are not useful. The experience mailing brokers know which mailing list has followed success and which list is to avoid. You should first know about the new mailing list and confirm which company has used this mailing list previously. After this, you also need to confirm that the company or industry is related to your business line or not. What was the response rate after using that mailing list?


Reputation factor is also very important but first you need to find mailing list broker who can help you in right way and works well with you. Remember, reputable broker will never charge you any extra fees or charges, all list brokers directly paid from the list owners. So, if you see any fee based list broker, simply run away!

Reputation of the list broker or a company also helps you access mailing list and other resources related to your direct marketing campaign that other can’t. Some lists owners don’t rent their lists directly to marketers. Larger brokerage houses are qualified and they can offer you low rate than advertised price.

Thus, it is better to find the reputed company. You can ask about the company with the industry memberships and by contacting those organizations. Brokerages without industry affiliation will not a good choice.


A best mailing list can help to improve your direct marketing campaign with many other services such as merge purge, CASS certification, list research, management, design services and campaign reviews. Some of these services have attached fees itself such as creative design and list management.

Thus, whenever you are trying to buy a mailing list from a broker, always remember these three traits before choosing any broker.


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