B2B Direct Mail Marketing

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Business to business marketing often seems that it is get caught up in the details of direct marketing instead of concentrating important things. The most important things that should be concentrated by marketers are;

1.      The list

2.      The offer

3.      The results

So, you should stop worrying about other unimportant details and it is better that you should use gray or white paper for your B2B direct mailer. The color of paper doesn’t matter if you are sending your mail to wrong people. For instance, if you are sending mails to graphic software to chief financial officer or any other professional then no matter how good the copy or offer is.

Determine objective

First, you need to determine your objective of direct mail marketing campaign for your business to business direct mail marketing.

Following questions may help you to determine your objective;

·         Do you want to generate more sales leads?

·         Do you want to move your prospects along the buying cycle?

Remember, your offer and message should support your objective.

Create List

When you focus on your B2B direct marketing you should focus on important things such as, coming results. The right list resulted in the best ROI overall. List the people who are interesting in your business products and services.

Make an offer

Last but not least. Offer is the heart of direct mail marketing campaign. You should make an offer that contains call-to-action technique. In business to business direct marketing, you can make an educational offer such as, how to guides, reports, articles, white papers, case studies, buying guides and invitations, to getting people to express interest and raise their hands. 

Design an offer for each niche differently to appeal different people at various stages. Don’t offer to your target market a cool offer such as an iPod, because this way you will definitely get highest response rate. But, this response rate is from the people who are interested to get iPod and not in your products and services.

You should include call to action words in your message and tell your consumers what to do next. Successful B2B direct marketers understand clearly that the success lies between list and offer. So, always determine what is your objective in launching new direct marketing campaign? Then, design an effective list with catchy offer. By doing so, you will definitely get much higher response in terms of qualified sales leads.


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