Direct Marketing Mailing List – Keeping it Simple

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The mailing list is the list of target people that are interested in getting your products and services. The direct marketing mailing list is the key factor of successful marketing campaign. It is a major point to consider where marketing ROI is the key concern in a small business. The mailing list is the crucial factor in the success of your direct marketing mailing strategy.  Because it is very essential to know to whom you are sending your direct mails is interested in your products and services or not.

Here, are factors that you need to consider in a successful direct marketing campaign;

·         List of existing consumers who have inquired previously about your direct marketing campaign

·         List that you have purchased or obtained free

·         Name the people in your mailing list that are interested in the benefits of your business products and services.

·         Never try to sell your products and services to people who can’t afford it. You have to target your direct mail efforts to become successful.

There are three basic kinds of direct marketing list;

1.      You create your own direct marketing list

This is the list of the target consumers that is collected with your own efforts. It is called in house mailing list. The list you have created yourself has most possibility to get positive response from your target consumers because they have respond you previously.

2.      Response list

A response list contains the name of people that have done something. Simply, this is the list of people who have interest in your products and services. The people, who have inquired and asked about your products and services previously.

This is the lists of people who have not respond you but inquired about the same business line products in your area. Through this list, you can get those people who have at least warm. You can purchase this mailing list from a company, broker or magazine owner.

3.      Compiled list

A compiled list of people contains your desired characteristics that you asked list broker to screen for. You can ask characteristics such as sex, age, location and income level.

As you can see, a right mailing list can do magic. Just you need to create it prudently. It is also recommended that you update your list from time to time. So, it is your responsibility to create or own right mailing list before launching your direct marketing campaign.


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