What is Your Audience Statement? Direct Mail Postcard Marketing

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The direct marketing is the way through which your target consumer’s responsiveness should be ever-present. Direct marketing is the cost effective that can help you keep inform your consumers about your latest announcement and business information. So, what is an audience statement andwhy it is related to the direct mail postcards?

The Marketer or Audience Disconnect

There are number of marketers, designers and writers who may have tendency to lose touch with the target consumers instead of persuading them. This can give you bad results at the end of your postcard marketing. It is a kind of disconnect between marketing team and frontline people who deals with the target consumers.

The result is that marketing team starts to write about marketing campaign from their own perspective instead if consumer’s perspective and this disconnection become bigger and bigger. Here, are few ways for direct marketers to avoid such kind of problems.

Make an Audience Statement

Try to get information about your consumers and try to know more and more about your consumers. After then, compile it into a list. You can search for the following information;

What do consumers want?

What are the top concerns and fears of your target consumer?

What do consumers want to know on a regular basis?

Discover Your Audience Statement

You should maintain your audience statement useful all the times. It is also essential that you should update it periodically. Put this information on an index cards and provide this index card to everyone involved with marketing department in your company. Always refer to this information whenever you intend to write about your marketing campaign.

Next, you need to make a list of benefits associated with your products and services and inform people how your products and services can help them. Try to answer your target audience questions and give them the best solutions of their problems.

Make their lives simple, reliable and more profitable. This is what, I called audience statement. Hope you get my point. Every marketer first should focus on the audience statement. If they successfully create an audience statement, they can successfully launch marketing campaign.

An audience statement is the fuel of postcard or direct marketing. If your consumers get what they want from you, then congrats you have successfully achieved your direct marketing campaign goal. However, other case can cause the awful results – wastage of time and money plus poor response rate.


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