What is Response Rate of Good Direct Marketing?

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Every business owner who considers direct marketing campaign to start would want to know about its success rate. What is the direct marketing response rate? It is the most frequently asked question that comes in every business owner’s mind.

You can know about the response rate of direct marketing by understanding its statistics. With the help of statistics, you can manage your expectations. However, it is not a good way to just live and breathe on these stats. The main thing is that you should focus on your marketing campaign. You should work hard to improve your results but how?

Let’s find out!

The average response rate of a direct mail marketing campaign is approximately, according to the direct marketing association. This statistics shows that around 2.6% of recipient responds after getting piece of direct mail. The response can be through a website visit, a phone call, and sending back or reply mailer.     

Remember, the above statistics is only for a general idea which is estimated through a sample test of direct marketing. It is not related to any kind of industry or firm. So, it is possible that you can get higher or lower results than this stats.

The best thing is to forget about 2.6% and just focus on your own marketing campaign. Test your marketing campaign and improve it with the feedbacks and comments from your target consumers. You can control and improve your second marketing campaign after sending first campaign out. This way, you will find how effective direct market is and how effective it should be.

A good response rate is the one that can help you achieve your business goals associated with marketing campaign. Your marketing campaign should cost you less because you should enjoy positive ROI. This is the response rate of direct marketing where you can enjoy positive ROI.

The direct marketing is a way that can be controlled and improved easily. Despite this fact, it is very cost effective than other forms of marketing. Several business owners don’t want to invest too much on marketing camping because of limited financial resources. The best thing about this marketing is you can test this marketing.

It is always recommended that you should test your marketing campaign and improve your final marketing campaign before you launch a large marketing campaign. Marketers can use different colors, graphics and images to attract their target consumers.

Thus, as you can see how beneficial direct marketing is. You can estimate what response rate you will get after adapting this marketing strategy.


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